In case you missed Fox News Channel’s Saturday morning episode of “Justice” with host Judge Jeanine Pirro a couple of weeks back, we have all the important details.

The segment started off with Judge Pirro’s traditional “Opening Monologue,” in which she bashed Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Fox host indicated that Pelosi, along with other Congressional Democrats who are currently taking part in the partial government shutdown, have more interest in taking care of illegal aliens than they do taking care of American citizens.

Pirro called Pelosi a “hypocrite” and a “political operative.”

Pirro said on the air, “So let me see if I understand this: An American mother shows a picture of a child murdered by an illegal, and Chuck Schumer and his gang they come out and show pictures of federal employees. Is there a moral equivalency here?

Are you folks, schizo? Are you working for Americans or illegals? Or is it that you just don’t give a damn?

You vacation in Hawaii. Your buddies vacation in Puerto Rico during a shutdown and you plan a jaunt to Europe while federal employees are trying to save every dollar to buy groceries.

Admit it — you don’t give a damn.”

“Nancy,  you are a hypocrite, a political operative,” she continued.

“Your mantra: Destroy the president of the United States. ‘To hell with the taxpaying hard-working Americans. Let them eat cake. I got a junket to go on, an ego to assuage, an electorate to ignore.’”

Take a look at Pirro’s ruthless “Opening Monologue”: 

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