So, where does it stand at the moment? Democrats have indicted Trump twice? Now, it looks like the crooked special council is going to indict him again? And there is word that swamp-dwellers in Georgia will indict Trump… for a fourth time.

If any still thinks this isn’t about stopping Trump from returning, they are out of their minds.

Many believe Democrats are throwing everything they can at Trump, to slow down his momentum. But from all appearances, it looks as if they are failing miserably. More and more people are getting behind Trump. And the latest news looks very bad for the left and their figurehead, Joe Biden.

From The Post Millennial:

Former President Donald Trump is beating President Joe Biden in a new national election poll and is dominating the Republican Party primary with a 40-point lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis…

In a match-up for the presidency, Trump pulls ahead and wins a “hypothetical horserace against Biden by five points” and leads “against [Vice President Kamala] Harris by nine” in another potential match-up.

Ouch. All those indictments, those millions of dollars and thousands of manhours, and Trump is winning more than he was before! According to this Harvard Harris poll, Trump is dominating in the GOP primaries.

But more importantly, he is beating Biden by five points and Kamala by nine points. If Democrats have no choice and have to run Harris instead of Biden (because, you know, Joe has one foot in the grave), she will lose worse than him.

This is not at all what Democrats wanted. Some suspected they had indicted him to manipulate the Republican primaries–hoping he’d get nominated, only to lose to Joe. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The last thing Democrats want is for Trump to get anywhere near the general election. But, thanks to their meddling, he stands to become the Republican nominee for president. And, if things continue as they are, he will easily defeat failed “President” Joe Biden.


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