Should a restaurant that serves bacon be allowed to display signs and/or advertisements that mention bacon? The U.S. Constitution says that it should, but Muslims in Vermont apparently disagree.

Case in point: After the Sneakers Bistro restaurant in Winooski put up a sign that read, “Yield for Sneakers Bacon,” an outraged Muslim woman took to an online community forum to complain about it.

“Given the large number of Muslim families in Winooski, as well as many others who do not eat pork for a variety of reasons, it seems unnecessary for this insensitive business sign to be at the city’s main crosswalk,” the woman wrote.

Unfortunately, the restaurant’s owner basically let an acolyte of Shariah law bully him into submission, which is extraordinarily sad given that the U.S. Constitution affords him the right to display his sign.

When the owner of Sneakers Bistro heard about her complaint, he responded by taking down the sign.

But he also posted the following message to his Facebook page:

Notice how he mentioned “safety” concerns. This made it sound as if he feared the Muslims in Winooski would have taken violent action had he not removed the sign (H/T Young Conservatives).

According to the Burlington Free Press, the restaurant’s frequent patrons were NOT happy with his decision. Some threatened to never eat at Sneakers Bistro again. Another 50 left one-star reviews on the restaurant’s Yelp profile.

If Muslims want to live in the United States, then perhaps they should get with the program and stop bullying people whenever they’re offended.

While they certainly have the right to complain, they do NOT have the right to bully people into submission.

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What do you think?

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  1. Joanne

    Answer is simple…go home to your own country, where you won’t have to gripe about anything that may offend you.

    • Idania

      As long as people try to appease them the stronger they feel. Don’t let them bully you

      • Caroline

        Very true. That is what has gotten us in the spot we are in now. The liberals and democrats want to appease them and that is ruining America and that is why they are her to destroy our country and make it a third world country. This has to stop now and these store owners need to know that the law is behind them in matters like this not against them.

      • Simon van Wieringen

        The sad part is that the law as written is behind them, but not the application of the law, on the contrary.

      • John Chroniger

        What law outlaws a display about either Bacon or breakfast fare????????

      • Brian

        It’s not liberals or democrats it’s allowing a group wether it be Muslims republicans or any other party for that matter push what they feel is socially acceptable or unacceptable. Everyone has a right to their opinion as long as it is acceptable for children to view it I feel that it should be able to be publicly voiced. If you don’t like bacon or religion doesn’t allow it great but other people don’t believe that. They are entitled to have their bacon sign. If you choose to live that way then you should go back to your country that lives that way. The us is diverse and will stay that way for me. If you don’t like it go somewhere else. Would you like a BLT with extra bacon cause I would.

      • Carrie

        Yes, these complaining Muslims would want us to be another third world country. It’s so stupid to listen to their whims. Other foreigners who immigrated here did not complain and pushed their beliefs and religion to Americans, we assimilated because we chose to come here.

      • Craig Campbell

        Jews do not eat pork either, but we never hear a protest like the Muslims are so vehement in expressing.

      • James

        Many Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays, particularly during Lent. Prior to Vatican 2, it was an obligation to abstain from meat every Friday. Never, never did the Church or individual Catholics bully Burget Chef, McDonalds, for signs promoting burger sales. It would not have entered our mind! This is getting rediculous and dangerous!

      • Phil

        The old story of a cat born in a stable, you do not then call the cat a horse!

      • Ed

        Have you noticed only the Muslims complain. You hear no news from the Jews, Hindu’s, and other religions.. Just the muslims.Get pet pigs for all restaurants except those who cater to Muslims.

      • Walter

        Only the Muslims complain because that’s at the core of their religion : conversion and spreading of their traditions and beliefs . It’s their nature . As long as the Europeans and Americans and the rest of the world don’t accept this fact, they will slowly but surely continue to spread this religion through the world , it’s their goal .

      • tom cain

        love this comment it’s been a long time since I first heard it

      • Thomas

        Except in this case where a personwho is like this is an absolute PIG. I would’ve put up bacon signs on the windows and on every seat in the house. Perhaps even go as far as to have a door handle made thst says BACON.

      • agnostic

        Then shouldn’t they be more like Americans (who eat bacon & spare ribs) and less like fanatical muslims who rant at everything that they don’t like ???

      • Reg Kirby

        They are trying to take your country over.

      • Connie Wilson

        Then maybe they need to move where they are comfortable. Wherever that is. I was constantly cold. I moved to a state with a milder climate. Problem solved. Yes it was hard, but to me it was worth it.

      • Stephen

        David, it is not likely they were born here, but with that stated, the Restaurant have the right to have a sign stating they have bacon. There is nothing that is making a Muslim read the sign or eat there……pretty simple

      • Sammi

        You would think that they would appreciate the sign so they would not either go into the restaurant or be careful which foods to order. I think EVERY restaurant should put a bacon sign up whether they serve bacon or not. Then they wont eat out & stay off the streets

      • danny

        Then they have to adopt to the american way. Dont push to America what their religion is practicing…They can move to a country that practice what they believe….If im born in saudi arabia, do you think I can dictate to their government to have good friday or let them celebrate christmas or force them to eat pork??

      • David

        Don’t get caught with a beer in a Muslim country or a Bible, Crucifix or Torah.

      • Robert

        Then they should be taught the American way and if that doesn’t work they should leave. The US Constitution does not support that kind of life. Their way of life is not supported by our laws or our religion, both of which they do not respect.

      • LAC

        It doesn’t matter where they are born through Quran nor Sharia Law trumps THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES! If they don’t like it LEAVE

      • kikorikid

        Wouldn’t matter even a “smidgen” as Islam and Sharia
        do not recognize International borders. Every country
        not under Sharia Law is considered as “Dar-al-Harb”,
        Land of War.

    • Richard Becker

      Sounds like he needs a shot of Man-Up or maybe he’s just too intimadated and needs to get into another business. Letting muslims get their way is making them even more of a threat. I tkink the U.S. Should consider banning and removing all muslims f our country before we become England or France.

      • David

        If as stated the sign was on public property he may have been right to remove it but I would have moved it to my property & I would also put up a public service notice in the form of another sign saying that “as a warning to anyone with a medical, cultural or religious need to avoid pork I am giving notice that I serve pork & pork products. If you inform the staff of your need to avoid pork or any other product we will make a reasonable effort to exclude these items from your meal but there is always a possibility of slight residual amounts of the product being left on utensils.” After this notice I would have absolved myself of any responsibility if they do in fact contact or consume any of said product.

      • John Chroniger

        What a stupid suggestion. If they are serving something that may cause a physical ailment such as peanuts than a sign may be indicated otherwise it is the diners responsibility to not eat whatever they don’t want in their diet.

      • Pamela Rude

        At one time in Americas history…Muslims were banned here.

      • Pamela Rude

        At one time in our nations history….muslims were banned here.

    • Fran

      The sign should of never been taking down. Just because they don’t like it. Or eat it whatever.. everybody loves bacon. Please if someone don’t like it, too bad. Get over it or go back were you came from. No one can tell you not to advertise.

    • William Borgards

      The issue with the muslam people THEY ARE NOT here to blend in with America, they are here to create havoc, disorient, take money for the sake of religious discrimination, and make things hard for America and break this country down!! NO they are not here to assimilate people, THEY ARE HERE TO CONQUER AND TAKE OVER!!! Pay attention it’s in their cult book!!!

    • walt jay

      They won’t go back to where they came from as all those countries are predominately muslim already,their plan is to infiltrate any country that is non muslim and convert or kill. saudi arabia has a token refugee camp but they don’t need any muslims as they are muslim majority. Question are the predominantly muslim countries financing this situation?

  2. KATHY

    I say they don’t like it to bad,go back to your own country.We should not have to change are ways for them.Would they like it if we went to there country and complain about shit. FCK THEM

    • Cheryl Schisler

      Their country would put you in jail or worse. They want us to respect their rights but they will not respect ours.

      • Jim

        Here is a thought, lets start a campaign to make BACON our National breakfast meat. Turn it around on them. Bacon comics, bacon people, Did you hear about the bacon slice walking home from work yesterday when he ran into 4…………….? You finish the joke. Any body have a nationwide list of all their mosks (spelled wrong deliberately) so we can start a ‘friends’ series of letters welcoming them to our country, America, and offering them some friendly advice on how to live here and get along with all the other Americans. If they don’t take our friendly advice, then the welcoming letters can become more explicit. We know they wont follow any of our suggestions, so we can go right to the good stuff. Sending them some of their religious books in a large jar of Pickled Pigs Feet. Good eating. I have eaten my share. Do they have any special days other than Ramadan ( I refuse to use the word Holy in connection with them as it tarnishes the word and meaning) then we could show our love by sending their mosks gift wrapped boxes of hog parts. A snoot makes a wonderful expression of how we feel about them being in our country and contaminating it with there very presence. If we don’t start showing how we feel about them, you will need to learn to become a muslim. I am not joking here. Too many so called American businesses are capitulating to the enemy. I read in certain areas that Subway has removed all pork products and will now sell only halal butchered animals and the 99.4% of Americans who like a ham sandwich from Subway can go to hell and eat elsewhere. I seem to remember that another large country wide Burger fast food joint is planning something similar. Look at what they are doing to the girls and women in Sweden, England, France and Germany where the population of moslims is higher. It will only get worse here as their numbers increase. We need a rallying point or person who is capable of helping us in the removal of the vermin from America.

      • Sharon

        Jim, you are hilarious. A good laugh to end my day.

      • Anna Mason

        Don’t laugh, he’s right. Once they take over a certain percentage of the country, they consider it as “conquered” and the conquered become slaves. Women and children are used, abused, sold and traded. Look it up. It’s all in their book. I read it myself.

      • Phana24JG

        Please respect our diverse culture and refer to Muslim holidays with the correct name. Holy Bombadan is the correct name.

      • Terry

        Holy Shitabom. It’s time we tell these murdering,thieving, lying pos to kiss our bacon loving asses and leave our country.

      • Angel

        We can respect it, that’s fine, but, please respect our way of life, and our laws..Remember people from other countries want to live here,they are not to come to change our ways,just so they can be in the same boat they were in..screw that, if you don’t like our ways, and our laws..Leave

      • chris

        Read the Koran. The goal of Islam is nothing short of world conquest and subjugation to Allah.
        Trump has the right idea.

      • Mamaw

        Get a militia and let me know when and where! I’m ready to demand they leave America if they don’t like it here. I wouldn’t mind flanking them to a waiting boat.

      • Sharon R

        Jim, I love your post and agree wholeheartedly. Another thing which I would love to see: have it broadcast that ALL of our armed force’s ammunition is coated in pig fat.

      • Zezita

        It’s true , no one tells them you have to eat bacon or porco you go to a restaurant you don’t have to eat whatever the other people is eating , you order whatever you like doesn’t mater if others are eating pig , I like porch and I don’t like their food ider but I am not eat it and I am not complaining , so please do the same and stop complaining about everything you don’t like it , do what ever you like without complaining . Ok?

    • Thomas

      US paratrooper army officer military policeman. I’d ❤️ to rent a crop duster spray plane & spray pig blood and pig shit all over that entire Muslim neighborhood

  3. Marty

    Screw them. I would have put real bacon on a plate with ham and pork cops as garnish, then glued it to the front window.

    • Alvin Glenn

      Not a bad idea Marty. Also an extra large plate of pork skins Yummy, yummy, yummy.

      • Ted

        Yeah, pork foreskins, that’s what they remind me of. The rejects of pig dicks.

    • Kemah Berg

      Me too! I also would have ordered some up as they were bitching to me about it and as said owner, probably would have been cooking it myself. Then sat down in front of them and put a bibb on with fork in one hand, knife in other and asked them if they would like some! All the while grinning from ear to ear!!!!!

      • Sherry

        love that one, I was just gonna say, i would have ordered a dozen orders of bacon and taken it to the sign and started eating it right under the sign just so they could smell it. Why do they think we have to put up with their stupid crying about everything we do? If they don’t like it why are they here? Their not gonna get what they want, so they need to stop with the bs. Go back to where you came from.

      • kikorikid

        Yes! They are here as part of “Hizra”, the intentional
        demographic movement into non-muslim areas in
        order to “found” Islam. They are, indeed, Invaders.

      • Thomas

        Fire up the smoker and grill make sure the wind is in the right direction and dont forget to use large amounts of bacon grease to help cook the pork products.

    • Sue

      Maybe we need to protest what we find offensive about them – – – oh, wait, that would be considered racist – at least when Obummer was in office!!!

      Let’s try a FB reply – – anyone up to putting a picture of bacon, pork chops or even a pig as your picture for a week? LOL

    • Jim

      I read a couple of years ago that a country (non muslim) who took in muslim refugees quietly fed them pork by products due to costs and none of the muslims ever knew about it. I can’t remember the name of the country. But kudos to them.

  4. Petros Dratsidis

    I am greatly upset that the owner of the diner (probably a cry-baby liberal) gave in to pressure from Muslims. He may soon regret it, as many of his non- Muslim patrons will not eat at his restaurant any more.

    • Penny

      I bet you are right about her being a liberal. They are weak and would be took over by Muslims within a week. That’s what would have happened if Hillary had won. Eat more pork. I think the next Facebook challenge should be to video burning the Quran to let them know what we think about them and their Jihad. This is the land of the free not the land of the Submissive. This person that owns the restaurant just closed her own business and don’t know it yet.

      • Linda Speck

        I couldn’t agree with you more. Liberalism was allowed to run rampant far far too long while they chipped away at the rights of Americans.

  5. Gail Lengyel Foster

    I agree with all the relies so far! They came here to America….CONFORM TO OUR WAYS AND LAWS. We DO NOT have to change our ways for you. IF you don’t like it……SIMPLY LEAVE!!!

    • Victoria

      Right on, Gail! And thank you for the clean language so I was able to add my support to your post!

    • David Church

      No one forced them to come here. Their leaders have told them over and over America is the great Satan . They chose to come. If they do not like it here they can go home! If they don’t like it and don’t go, it means the want to force us to believe as they do. If we allow them to change us against our will, we are more stupid than they are!

    • Jim

      Gail, the problem is that they are not going to leave, but force us to submit to their hideous believes. The only way to make them leave is through the use of force. Don’t think for a moment these are a peaceful people. The can’t even have a government of their own country without having tribal ‘bosses’ who run the local areas. Even in there so called religion there are different sects, Suni, Sheites, and a bunch of other all willing and actually doing the killing of each other in the name of allah. When we were fighting in Afghanastan to help the people remove the Taliban, our soldiers were told and ordered to do nothing to destroy or harm their poppy crop. That crop was used to make heroin which was sold to you useless Americans who use it. Check it out, those of you who don’t believe me. This is a prime example of the ‘swamp’ President Trump wants to drain. Our own elected officials allowing Afghani’s to grow a drug which kills us. Isn’t that akin to murder? We owe the Afghani’s absolutely nothing. Let those filthy farmers start a hog farm. I will help pay for a piglet to send over there. They don’t have to eat it, just raise it, halal it and send the meat to a country that allows the consumption of pork. Except to the United States. Africa has a good market for pork consumption. By the way, does anybody know the number of African countries being taken over by the muslims?

    • David

      There are exclusions in all religious teachings exempting them from adherence to any dietary prohibitions in the case of necessity to prevent starvation or such other calamities. This means that if they do it, it is ok so there should be no big deal if they happen to coincidentally consume or come into contact with the offending substance.

  6. Gary

    They need to come by my house with a pig statue in the lawn and pictures of fried bacon !
    Thank you
    Go back to what ever cave you came out of !

  7. Nunyo Business

    muslims need to shut the hell up. if they dont like that we eat bacon. shut the hell up or leave mfers. BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON.!!!

  8. Jo

    You came here for freedom. That means each of us have the freedom to do what we want, within the law. Don’t like it, go back and see how much freedom you have there.

    • Raymond R Kirkbride

      They didn’t come here for freedom! They are here in an attempt to do exactly what they are doing. Soon we will do as they say then we will convert to Islam/Muslim then we will be as one with them following their rules and laws and those that don’t join will be dead! This is how the muslim culture is to be spread throughout the world. It’s happening in many countries, check it out!

    • Jim

      Most of them did NOT come here for freedom, but to assist in the overthrow of the American (our) way of life and insert sharia. Do not think other wise. They will be your friendly, loving, helpful, neighbor until the killing starts then they will not hesitate to kill you and all your families, including your babies. As you read this now, they are learning our energy grid and its weak points. And all the big dams will be destroyed. They are learning how to poison all of our drinking water and also how to poison the artesian wells. So if you are on a well, don’t think for a minute you are safe. Bridges over almost all waterways will be blown up thus stopping all trucking of groceries and other supplies like medicine. Hospitals will be destroyed. State, county and local police will be shot to death. Lets hope the National Guard and the Reserves and also all of our armed forces remain in enough quantity to stop the destruction. Fortunately, that is if the politicians let us keep our weapons, many of us will put up a damn good resistance. But will it be enough? I am quite sure that as soon as the actual attack begins our wonderful politicians will be aboard aircraft heading to safe parts unknown. With their billions of dollars is stolen money. Hopefully our navy will come to our aid. And the subs need to nuke mecca and all the muslim countries. And America if it is needed to stop aggression. I don’t ever ever wish to see a 9 year old white or black girl laying in somebodies yard, raped to death with her throat slit. We all need to survive with out the niceties that we are used to. So learn how and what to do.

      • Penny

        Sadly agree with what you are saying, Jim. On a similar note, Maybe those who continue to resist Trump being elected President could get a clue that right now there are bigger fish to fry. They need to change their hate for Trump and their fellow Americans into constructive preparedness for the times that are ahead. We only can pray that our citizens come together for the fight of our lives.

    • chris

      They don’t come here for our freedoms. They come to further the Muslim goal of a world wide caliphate.

      Now if they could only learn to use toilet paper instead of their hands.

    • TR45

      Jo, They did not come here for their freedom. They came here to conquer you and take your freedom away. These Baby Fing fanatics have no place in this Constitutional Republic. Gather all who demanded the sign down and deport their sorry a$$e$!

    • kikorikid

      NO! NO! NO!, They do not come here for “Freedom”.
      The singular purpose of the current “Global Jihad” is
      to get rid of “Man-Law” and replace it with “God-Law”, Sharia.
      Islam does not come to integrate or assimilate.
      Islam comes ONLY to: Conquer, Submit, Convert, or Kill.

  9. Mike roberts

    ok when i come to your country out of respect you will serve me bacon, ham, and pork chops and if you don’t i will protest…. fair is fair, right?

    • Jim

      At your first complaint and protest, you will probably be taken to a mosk and shot. Fair is never fair. Besides would you really want to eat in one of their restaurants? I wouldn’t. Better to buy it at the market place where you can see it being prepared in front of you.

  10. karl hide

    fuck her, if she wants to abide by muslim law she can fuck off back to her shack in the desert and shit in a hole in the ground while her husband fuck’s the goat

    • Carolyn

      Lol….I don” eat pork, but we have freedom to choose for ourselves, but not force Others! Thomas, I will help run the pig races next to the mosques… me if needed!

    • Jim

      Karl, she didn’t say she wanted to abide by muslim law, she said in the interest of ‘safety’. She was afraid. She needs our support more than our hatred. If you live in her city, go and help her by having a nice plate of 4 basted eggs, 4 strips of bacon, 4 pork patties and a couple slices of ham. Along with some toast of you choice to sop up the egg yoke along with some good coffee. Instead of cursing her out of fear, go and help her, she is an American being bullied and threatened with harm and you chide her. You also have a very filthy mouth. And please learn grammar. Think about what you just said. Instead of wishing to help a frightened American citizen you chose to degrade her and insult her husband. You don’t even know these people. Man, you are sick. And a rather poor excuse for an American citizen. I have no respect for you at all.

      • CtotheE

        I read Karls comment as if he was refering TO the Muslim complainer. Not the American business owner.. But I could be wrong.

      • tom cain

        AND she is supposes to go off with a complete stranger (which you think is an idiot) and start her life over?? Sounds risky to me.

  11. Janet Pecina

    This is America! If you want Shariah law go back to your home country! We dont have or desire your law here! If you can’t stand the heat please get out of the kitchen. Jews dont eat pork either but you dont hear them complaining! They live in peace. Either learn from them or peacefully return to where you came from. Thanks so much.

    • Jim

      Harold, we all know that and agree with you. But, how do we get rid of them. They are living cancer cells.

  12. Alvin Glenn

    She could kiss my ever loving arse I cave to no one. I compromise with people but never give in to demands screw her and religious Demands. I don’t demand anything of her. All Muslim demands fall on my Unconcerned heart.

  13. GLB

    Odds are, none of the rag heads have ever eaten there since they do serve bacon and other pork items, so by bending to their demands, he only hurt his business by losing other customers.
    Yes, I’m sure he was concerned the radical muslim community might do something illegal (like they usually do to get their way), but if it had been me, I would have just ignored the rant altogether.

  14. Cherie Warren

    When you give into bullies it only makes them stronger. If you’re in the right, stand your ground. Don’t let somebody else tell you how to run your business. They can have their opinion, that’s only fair, but keep it to themselves. I’d be willing to bet that they never even came in to the bistro.

  15. wildak8246

    Reading all these replies makes me want to go out and buy a whole bunch of bacon to stock my freezer back up. I love that stuff. Could eat every meal. All you naysayers go back to where you came from and leave us to our peace. You do not come to this country demanding we change things for you. You would not do the same for us if we were in your homeland, that I know for sure. You are hypocrites, among other things. GO HOME.

    • Tammy

      Yes they do, that is Islam. They are here to force their will on us, to convert to Islam or die. That is the demand of their God Allah (or otherwise known as Satan) to force the world to bow down to Allah and worship him. He demands they kill, torture, lie, steal, enslave, whatever it takes (killing their own children) to make the world subjugated to Allah. The only way a Muslim can get into heaven, is to murder innocents. Do we really want any of those people in our country? They are barbaric. One other thing, the Quran tells them to torture and kill without pity or compassion. I think it has been bred out of them.

  16. Vivian Climaco Ocampo

    The owner was wrong to remove the bacon sign. That would only make these moslem maggots bolder and smug that people are afraid of them. They are always offended about anything, anyway. I hate it when these pigs complain and get their way!

  17. Vivian Climaco Ocampo

    The owner shouldn’t have removed the bacon sign. Giving in to the whims of these moslem maggots is unspeakable. It emboldens them and makes them smug, feeling they own the country. I hate it when these pigs get their way! They’re always offended by anything anyway. They don’t know how to respect a host country’s ways and customs, so why should they demand respect? I say, send them on the first boat back to the middle east!

  18. Joy kiesling

    I would have definitely left the sign up. If they want to live here then assimilate.. I would have added to the sign we put pork in everything, oink,oink.

  19. barbara

    It’s unfortunate that this business owner felt she had to make this decision out of fear for her safety. You are all welcome to our country BUT if you are going to change our ways STAY THE HELL OUT. Go back to your own country if you’re not ready to assimilate to ways of the good old USA. So do those Muslims patronize her establishment to begin with, she still serves bacon??? or was she also bullied into taking it off the menu totally??? PUT THE SIGN BACK UP AND LIVE FREE OR DIE, oh wait I’m sorry that’s your neighbor’s motto. Maybe a lesson to be learned

    • commonsense woman

      I called that restaurant a few years ago when this happened to find out what was going on and the actual reason they took the sign down was out of fear of bodily harm or to their premises. It is no laughing matter that our culture is being usurped and that we are being balkanized from with in. Not funny at all.

  20. Marie

    Why must we respect them when they don’t return the respect to us? Because they are violent when they don’t get what they want. So let us respond in like manner until they realize that we are the majority and we do rule this country.

  21. Marcia

    If they are so enraged by a simple sign, why are any Muslims anywhere eating in a facility that serves pork even if they aren’t partaking. Double speak so it seems.

    • Barbara

      Absolutely, surprised they would even eat in a restaurant that cooks any pork products…you know, the pans and plates would be tainted…this obviously is not the country for them.

  22. Wanda Vittek

    This is always the first step in taking over a business. Give them an inch and they will take the next inch. Next they will demand all pork be removed, then they will demand halal meat. Then they will drive the owner out of business and take over. Islam is like a flesh eating disease. Little by little until it has taken the life of this man’s business. We can say all we want “this is our country but until our feet are firmly planted on moving them out of out country Islam will be allowed to take over. This will happen in every sector.

    • Tammy

      They are already demanding halal food, that is why our food prices are going through the ceiling. Everyone from the farmer, to the trucker to the processing plant to packaging etc have to pay the Muslim brotherhood a big fee to certify their food is halal. It is a total scam and much of what they are demanding be halal certified, does not even have to be halal, like fruit. This is another way of charging us Americans a tax on our food. The money is paid to the Muslim Brotherhood or Cair (part of the Muslim brotherhood scam artists). A lot of that money goes to finance terrorist organizations. So, we are paying for terrorists to kill us. Good gig if you can get governments complicit in the destruction of their own people. Look all through Europe and North America. The governments have been complicit in bringing these people in by the millions, to rape, plunder and kill their own people. This is plain evil for power

      • Bacon Lover

        If they want halal food, then the price increase needs to be on halal food. It is funny these people with their dietary necessities must eat at this restaurant since they also prepare bacon & other pork products at this establishment. If you have a peanut allergy, you certainly don’t eat foods processed at a place that also handles peanuts. Makes no sense they would eat in a restaurant that cooks bacon and serves bacon next to the foods they order. You can smell the yummy smoked bacon all over the place when you are in a restaurant and they are making it. So these complaints make no sense.

  23. Rosalee Inman


  24. Jane

    Next they will be complaining about the bacon SMELL. Give them a clothes clip for their nose or tell them to breath through their mouth. They need to return to their sand and rock country. Never, Never surrender your rights. They have been bought and paid for by our forefathers. Put the sign back —they can look the other way. Simple!!

    • ron

      that has already happened in England, a café was nearly shut down because someone complained about the smell of bacon

  25. Dukester

    I would go to the store and offer all musslums free bacon. And yes I spelled it right. (musslums) Are just what they are. They are some of the nastiness people on earth.

  26. rubyrose

    I would of put up 2 more signs- one on each side of the door, each 2x as big and with a color photo. Don’t like- don’t look.

    • rubyrose

      BTW I don’t like their muslim dresses and face covering. Those offend me. They represent a cult which requires wife beating and child abuse and allows for slavery and an entire host of other things I find extremely offensive. Maybe those muslim women should wear modern clothes and stop being so offensive themselves.

      • Jim

        rubyrose, you have a great idea. Where would I go to legally complain about their women’s dress. It frightens me since I really don’t know if it is a man or a woman in the dress. And is she carrying a weapon of some sort? They scare an old man like me. They should be forced to wear clothing that is in fashion in our country. Personally, I think all of the females should be required to dress like the Kardashian and Jenner females. Hell, I’ll even buy a micro see through dress for a couple of them.
        All joking aside, where would Io to register my complaint? Anybody?

  27. Wayasti Adovdo

    Sodomites—Do not hurt your selves leaving this country. Get out and do not look back, it could be the last thing you see.



  29. Daryl Hunter

    Why does the muslim community give us new reasons every day to resent them?

  30. C Police




  32. Wendy

    I haven’t heard any Jewish people complain. They just eat and get on with their lives but their religion doesn’t allow pork product? Education or respect your neighbor?

  33. Johnny

    Sneakers Bistro offended the American majority by allowing foreign born Muslims that do not assimilate, accept nor acknowledge the customs of the land to be bullied into submission! Shame the owner (s) caves in allowing their Constitutional and Civil Rights be denied in the land of the free. Best they turn the place into a Hallalh eatery & turn Americans away by serving Goat, Sheep and Camel Kabbobs! Must dress in Arab garb.

  34. Larry mathews

    Personaly I would have left the sign up my nusiness they didn’t have to eat there. Ifbit offended them i am quite sure there where probley more restaurants in that town they could have gone to. You don’t like the service go some where else they could have use the business

  35. commonsense woman

    You know who cookie stores vent the aroma of cookies baking into malls.. I think I would have vented that delicious aroma of bacon frying to the outside so everyone could savor that wonderful aroma! Maybe even set
    up a smoker with ribs right out front of the restaurant!! YUM!

  36. Nohammed

    We need to stop these Mohammadean bastards in their tracks. And shame on the restaurant owner for caving to these 11th century throw-backs.

  37. Archie Mahoney

    1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, 2.2 billion Christians, 1/2 billion Buddhist, 7 billion people total. Why is it that only Muslims complain? The depth of the situation is very disturbing and we really must take control of it….I have read the Quran and there are excerpts that can create hate and mayhem. I suggest that if you have grievances with Muslims, first read the Quran so we all have clarity within our thoughts and biases.

  38. Harleyboy

    She was not coerced to stop in and have some bacon. The demand was unreasonable. The owner should have left the sign up!

  39. jack j jacke

    I feel we should all go up there. Grab one. Beat the shit outta that one. Take em to the big boat n toss there asses on it bound for their country….

  40. Isabel Etkind

    When Jewish people came after the Holocaust they either blended into the USA or opened the restaurants and shops needed to practice their religion in the USA. They did not demand that an entire society must adapt to the needs of the Jewish People. We are multicultural and practice many different religions in the USA. It is unrealistic to expect others to adapt to your way of life.

  41. Henya

    They have a Nerve. I live in Israel and notice that to be part of their personality trait.
    They are loud mouth and aggressive and harsh and evil as their environment but most of all full with allot of nerve and disrespect. Self absorbed and Arrogant, totally in disregard of feelings or appreciation of anything nor respect and tolerence.
    Annoying vultures.

  42. Dave

    Hyperpigmentation we do not change for them they change for us. This is our country if they don’t like our customs or Traditions they can go home right now. They’ve already been spreading different diseases that we don’t need them spreading anymore. I said before him and forget about him we do not need people in this country like them. Send them home.

  43. Mario

    What puzzles me is that, it takes over 12 month to get all your paper work in order. several trips to the Exit visa office, you need to bribe, officials to accelerate your application, say goodbye to all your friends, get on a Ship or plane , and then when you get here, 6 months later ,you want to turn this country into the same (shit hole) as the one you escaped from. WHERE IS THE FRIGGING LOGIC IN THAT??

  44. Rob

    Why is everybody so worked up about something that happened in AUGUST 2015….
    If this was the last time something like this happened in your country, the integration
    is getting on very well…

  45. RonH

    While I agree with most of the comments if not the foul language, I too am aware that this is very old news resurrected for an obvious purpose which although achieving its purpose is reprehensible and indicative of media manipulating the facts for incitement!

  46. EMarie

    Get the f’n out of our county. I hope you are the first to be sent home to muslim land!

  47. Mooseeye

    One more example showing that H.L. Mencken was right when he said “Religion is the greatest fomentor of hatred the world has ever seen. More people have died in the name of “god” than for any other reason! “.

  48. Ralph

    I respect the Quran. I always take one with me when I go camping. It makes an excellent compact package of toilet paper and can be used to start camp fires.

  49. Joe blow

    Look at it this way, which costs more ? Bullets or customers. So let’s go hunting.

  50. Mike

    Damn they have sex with goats, beat their women , have sex with 12 year old girls and their worried about a piece of hog meat , go figure

    • Charity

      Exactly!!! Muslim’s want people to forcefully follow their fucking Sharia law if there not okay with rules in America they should go back to their stupid war stricken countries!!! And leave America in peace!!!

  51. Neserdory a/l Rajoo

    How are regular citizens supposed to put up with, not bacon, but murders which are carried out in the name of honour, and mostly against helpless young girls and teens.

  52. verolmedley

    If you have a restaurant do everything g you can to torment them .They can’t tell you what to do. You’ll loose your regular business if you appease them. They ain’t shit

  53. Sueanne Fewkes

    Because it is a picture of bacon does not mean it is pork bacon! Has no one ever heard of turkey bacon? I have and I have eaten it. I still prefer my pork bacon and will continue to eat it. My point being that bacon, ham etc are not always pork products. I don’t try to control them, they should not try to control us. If you don’t like it here, leave! Our rights are more important than your intolerance of our ways. If you are so sensitive that you have to have to infringe on others rights so your feelings are not hurt, you don’t belong in this country. Just leave and go back where you came from. We will NOT miss you!

  54. xxxxxx


  55. Rosalee Inman

    People just don’t understand that “drip, drip, drip, drip”….even the smallest drips grow into big inroads (and pretty soon you don’t have your own freedoms of your country anymore)! Every time we change a single thing (no matter how small) to appease a Muslim….we are losing!…. then one day you wake up when it is too late and ask, “how did this happen?”…. Well, you gave up your bacon sign….

  56. connie

    They don’t eat pork because pigs are unclean? Coming from people who wipe their asses with the hand….tsk, tsk, tsk

  57. connie

    They don’t eat pork because pigs are unclean? Coming from people who wipe their @$$e$ with their hand.

  58. sharon

    I would not have taken the sign down and give in to the muslims.
    they don’t have to go in and eat there,
    Americans need to be BOLD and stand up to them.
    or the muslims can go back to where they came from.

  59. JohnR

    Keep the sign. He does not have to bend to her lame reason to be offended. This is another reason to ban Sharia in this country. People like this offended woman are amongst the least accepting and least tolerant people on earth. If she cannot accept our way of life she should leave the USA and move to a country more to her liking.

  60. ralph

    thoe people..use that term lightly..when they come here they should abide by our laws and customs,,theirs do not apply here,,if the don’t like it,,go back to where you come from,,

  61. Bruce Colville

    I would of not bowed down to her or any othe person telling me to take the sign down and I beleive by doing what he did is derespeck to all the service men and women that have for for this country just send her bac to the country with the rest of them

  62. Benjamin

    Vermont! One of the roots of freedom has a bunch of COWARDS living there especially the Resturant owner. Screw the damn Muslims. What are you going to do when they start killing you? Freaking COWARDS!!

  63. Gene

    The fault lies with the restaurant management who showed themselves to be cowards.

  64. Michelle Finn

    Muzzies need to go back to their own 3rd world pit. This is 2017, not 1017. They are vile, hateful, horrible, perverted, and every horrible adjective there is.
    Sharia law is BAN IN THE UNITED STATES… is in direct violation of our Consitution.
    These disgusting pigs needs to realize you can push us only so far before we rise up and take our nation back, and we are getting damn close.
    STOP GIVING INTO THESE SUBHUMAN SWINE. We eat bacon, worship Jesus, walk our dogs, women have rights, children are not sexual toys, and we have about had enough.

  65. Deborah

    All you f***** terrorist bastards need to go back where u came from. Don’t f***** tell us what we can or can’t have in our restaurants. President Trump needs to send all your asses back!!!!!! You don’t want bacon fine then you go back to Afghanistan or wherever u came from and you don’t have to have bacon a******!!

  66. Lars

    they should have put up 2 dozen more…. Their manner of dress insults me….

  67. LuAnn Eisenhauer

    This is America, the melting pot! You come here to practice your religion without being judged all the time! Eat what you want to eat. Work! Try to get along with your neighbors! All people should pay taxes, work, learn English, be full fledged citizens, not duel, And grow up!

  68. Barb

    The bitch about everything here because if they did it at home they would get their head cut off. Like a bunch of infants who suddenly have no supervision. Go home.

  69. Rogelio Hermosillo

    They keep stating that they are guests and as such should adapt and accept the culture, laws and customs of host countries, but yet they really behave like pos invaders who are slowly destroying every nation they invadelike cockroaches they must be deported and their ways stopped as we are a Judeo/Christian nation with a great constitution and laws based on the founding fathers idea of divine justice and freedom. Islamic ideologies are counter to all that has made this a great nation, they are still in the barbaric 6th century and fail to advance beyond that. Remember all of our dealings with this so called religion of peace has been nothing but violent from the Barbary pirates, to the jihadist destruction of human life and property with their demonic adherence to their guide the quoran.

  70. Marge Galloway

    As far as I am concerned, they are not citizens and, therefore have no right to complain. If they are so offended, don’t eat there. Go back home where your horsefeather ideals and beliefs are welcome.

  71. Donna Moore

    Wow. I went through and read some of the comments here. Sadly, the ‘safety’ contemplation by the restaurant owner was proven not by the Muslim who was offended (and yes, it is rather silly), but by you all with the subtle threats and sheer hatred that was unleashed here (and yes, it is rather scary). Another point to make here, NOT all MUSLIMS are from another country! There are MANY Muslim Americans who were born and raised here. I applaud the owner for deciding to take the sign down, they weren’t being bullied by the Muslim woman who was offended, he was being tenacious to avoid inciting the very reactions that are present here. It is sad that the regular patrons now feel that they need to stop eating in a place where they have enjoyed the food (or why else return) over a sign removal in an effort to appease the masses. The Restaurant’s site clearly states, you are welcome but keep politics on the doorstep.

  72. Rexford Johnson

    I am personally offended that Muslims can come to America and tell us that we have to change our way of life to suit them, my reply is ” GO FUCK YOURSELF “

  73. Sharon

    Start selling bacon perfume at your diner too and put your sign back up don’t let them bully you!!!!

  74. Disgruntled American

    The opening statement in this article says it all…..”Should a restaurant that serves bacon be allowed to display signs and/or advertisements that mention bacon? The U.S. Constitution says that it should, but Muslims in Vermont apparently disagree.” OUR Constitution says it is allowed….NO ONE but the Muzzie complainers care. Put the sign back up, serve BACON and all other Pork products and get on with your lives!!!

  75. snowyriver

    This is the Islamic way.. When you are few follow the rules of the country.. When you are many impose the rules of the “holy Qur’an on all of the people.. Kill those that resist violently,.. enslave the rest.

  76. Elizabeth

    I personally do not eat bacon but I am certainly not upset when going out to eat and family and friends order bacon. Don’t like it don’t look at it.

  77. da

    Fear is the only weapon they have; take away the fear and you break their back.. God has not given you a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind… Tell ’em to kiss off and get the backing of the neighborhood.

  78. Debzn

    If they dont like living with other cultures, religions or ways of life dont bother coming to our Countries and say we should chage our way of life to suite you. We will live the way we have always lived

  79. Tim

    This is the very way to defeat the muslims and there terrorists because they can never go to heaven if they are defiled by a pig. Our soldiers should have all their bullits dipped in pig blood and let them know it and see how fast they would quite fighting. That’s how you would drive them out of your neighborhood’s to!

  80. fred

    These people escaped a country to start a new life and that includes adapting to the American way of life, keep your religious beliefs and traditions but don’t force the people in the community to follow your beliefs that’s not how it works. Don’t tell people how to run their businesses either follow American ways or leave it’s that simple.

  81. harry tulip

    muslim refugees won’t assimilate. but they sure know how to bitch american-style.

  82. Clive

    The restaurant owner crucified his business and insulted his regular customers. American breakfast his bacon ham and eggs. It’s personal choices that counts. If your religion regulates you to what you can and cannot eat it remains your personal choice

  83. JD

    This is what happens when you put a square peg in a round hole- it won’t fit in, ever!!

    And neither will people who have no interest in assimilating into their host society!!

    You can thank liberal Dumascraps and their liberal judicial appointees for this mess!!

  84. Cindy

    This is JIHAD people. They are using immigration to bully and take over though complaining, outbreeding, and getting into positions of power. Give an inch (bacon sign) they’ll want a mile (Sharia). Don’t give them an inch.

  85. Sharon K DiEugene

    Ya know, they just don’t get it. This is the USA. And we do things alot different than the East. Should have left the sign up. Is a Constitution right. Then put up a sign, don’t like it go back where you come from. ! They don’t even try to change a little. If you don’t or eat bacon that is her right. Just go home.

  86. reyn stokard

    This is still the USA last I checked….screw Muslims and their BS…send the Fcukers back to their sand boxes. Their Cult has no place in Western Society or in any Government position!

  87. chevieman

    Lets not forget it was the Progressive Liberal Democrats who support Sharia law and Obama when he brought hundreds of thousands of them here unvetted and radical about imposing Sharia law. The satanic law of Sharia is not welcomed here in the United States of America. If you or those that choose to support it, exercise it, push it upon others will not survive those efforts.
    There is no such thing as “Islamophobia” because a phobia is an irrational fear. And It is not irrational to fear someone who is a pedophile and wants to murder you, rape you or take away everything you ever loved or worked for. So, there is no such thing as Islamophobia, period. There is however such a thing as Islamophilia though. Look it up. They are the ones falsely calling people Islamophobic.
    This is what Muslims believe
    1. Rape, Marry and Divorce pre-pubescent girls. Quran 65:4
    2. Have sex slaves and work slaves. Quran 4:3, 4:24, 5:89, 33:50, 58:3, 70:30
    3. Beat sex slaves, work slaves and wives Quran 4:34
    4. Have 4 Muslim witnesses to prove rape. Quran 24:13
    5. Kill those who insult Islam Mohammed. Quran 33:57
    6. Crucify and amputate non-Muslims. Quran 8:12, 47:4
    7. Kill non-Muslims to guarantee receiving 72 virgins in heaven. Quran 9:111
    8. Kill anyone who leaves Islam. Quran 2:217, 4:89
    9. Behead non-Muslims. Quran 8:12, 47:4
    10. Kill and be killed for Islamic Allah. Quran 9:5
    11. Terrorize non-Muslims. Quran 8:12, 8:60
    12. Steal and rob from non-Muslims. Quran Chapter 8 (booty/spoils of war)
    13. Lie to strengthen Islam. Quran 3:28, 16:106
    14. Fight non-Muslims even if you don’t want to. Quran 5:51
    15. Do not take non-Muslims as friends. Quran 5:51
    16. Call non-Muslims Pigs and apes. Quran 5:60, 7:166, 16:106
    17. Treat non-Muslims as the vilest creatures deserving no mercy. Quran 98:6
    18. Treat non-Muslims as sworn enemies. Quran4:101
    19. Kill non-Muslims for not converting to Islam. Quran 9:29
    20. Extort non-Muslims to keep Islam strong. Quran 9:29
    Things you should know about Islam:…/heres-the-true-non……/brutal-meme……/christian-pastor-asks-muslim-to…/…/quite-possibly-the…/…/who-has-killed-the-most…/…/

  88. Sherman Sanders

    If they want to worship Ali they should worship Ali, but when it comes to law they should live under the laws of the land. They have to separate Sharia Law from Islamic religion. I am sure that if a christian went to their country that they would not be able to live under our laws as we live here in the United States. Muslims coming to the US need to assimilate to our laws or don’t come here.



  90. Tammi

    It proves one thing, there’s no pacifying the political left. They’re simply vindictive, hateful, self-hating Americans. Their blind support of the Muslim population invading our country makes them complicit with regard to the barbaric butchery of little girls, terror attacks, and blatant, woman-hating misogyny. To resist Trump for accusations on par with typical Muslim behavior they support, speaks volumes about the true lack of integrety of these people. It’s time to start dealing with these people appropriately as the enemies of America they truly are… if they ever get power of our government again it will take a bloody revolution to regain our liberty and freedom, our America as it was meant to be, because the America the left wants at any cost, will cost us all everything.

  91. Charles Charts

    Our Jewish neighbors do not demonstrate when we refer to pork, nor do our Hindu neighbors when we refer to beef, each group is free to practice, believe as they wish. It appears that only our Muslim brethren s’ sensibilities are offended over perceived slights from others. Are Muslims more intolerant, or are they overly sensitive? Over sensitivity caused by the insecurity in their beliefs? Should that be so why not travel back to where your beliefs will be
    coddled and supported without interference from non believers? Please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. That would offend me!

  92. Trazor1

    Come to the US A try and change our eating habits our any others we have is like war against our freedom of persute of happiness they only want war not peace

  93. Jon Clay

    Every time we ‘bow down’, give in, alter our way of life, Muslims are emboldened, the issue WILL NEVER END THERE. Their goal is to shape, fashion America to suit their view of HOW WE SHOULD LIVE. When that happens, we will resemble the beautiful land they escaped from AND AMERICA WILL BE NO MORE!

  94. Ann

    How sad our citizens feel the need to comply with such silliness as this because they fear retaliation from people who don’t even belong here. I am fed up with it and I’m sure many others are as well. Send these complainers back to their own countries where they can live as they please and leave us alone.

  95. Big Al

    American people should run this evil out of our country. Someday it will come to this and then it will be a very hard and messy job.

  96. Michael Spivey

    Respect Muslims and the Koran. WHY? Respect is an earned condition, THAT has not happened, has not happened here and did not happen when I was over in idiotic wanker land during Desert Storm.

    • Palladini

      The Books they read, the Koran, Hadith Siri should all be banned as Hate books. I say this because lesser books have been banned so should these books be banned in North America. To see how much violence is in these books watch this video –

  97. Richard

    Wow. Isn’t it amazing the amount of hatred a little bit of greasy artery clogging bacon can generate! Pathetic!

  98. Marlene

    Instead of complaining, the woman should be grateful that the restaurant was informing the public that pork products were served, so that she could avoid eating there…

  99. WesTexan

    The owner is simply a coward. As an American citizen, he has the right to free speech. He has a right to defend his business. He has a right to defend his patrons. Each time someone like him surrenders to these Islamic pigs, he contributes to their goal of taking over and turning his town, his state and his country into a demonic Caliphate. Islam is a Satanic political system. We owe them nothing. I think we know one thing for certain: when the pork hits the fan, this man will not have your back. His is just one more place whose door I will never darken.

  100. KarLee

    As long as Americans keeping caving in to the Islamic preferences, they will continue to complain of being offended, and manage to make those complaints sound very much like threats. The sooner we make them realize the we will NOT change our lives or our country for them, the sooner they will either shut up and mind their own business, or leave. I already am furious that a couple of Obama’s pet judges have been able to provide the means for an unknown number of Muslims to get into America since President Trump tried to implement a temporary ban on their arrival here. How could Obama and these judges have disregarded the fact that massive numbers of votes for Trump were from that very issue, and the belief that he would put a stop to unvetted immigrants? It certainly would be for the same reason the dumocrats fight everything Trump does—- Obama, his judges, dumocrats, and some of the RINOs do not really care what the American people want, care about, voted for, or what they think about anything. They only care about getting their way.

  101. Joe Phillips

    can that person complain in his/her home country i think not so go back there and complain people need to stop giving in this is our country and i a sick of this OUTRAGE crap i am outraged they give in

  102. Ruth

    They did not come here to gain freedom. They were told to come here, breed, continue to hold faithful to their teachings, convert as many as they could, cause disruptions, use the system, drain the system, take over from within, and when the time was right, implement their way of living, their beliefs, and their laws. They have no plans to become part of us, but to tear us down and make our country into what thy le4ft.

  103. Wade

    By knuckling under to this ridiculous complaint, you have simply made the problem worse. More than that, you’ve become PART of the problem. Pathetic! The response to the the complaint should have been none at all, or “too bad”.

  104. Paul

    What is happening to America were has all the brave people gone I have never seen so many pussy as I have in this generation sad.

  105. Douglas Haley

    I have the perfect solution, in their beliefs and religion is that if they look at any other woman naked they are supposed to take their own life so hire a bunch of strippers to run thru the mosques during their praying times, simple and effective

  106. Palladini

    Islam is a Cancer, as thus it must be Eradicated, World Wide ASAP!
    Islam is NOT a religion, maybe a cult at most, but more of a Political system then a Religion
    Since the start of islam, 270 million People have been killed by muslims world wide, it is not a religion of peace.
    To back up my facts watch this video and see for yourself –

  107. Scott

    Don’t like Bacon? Don’t eat Bacon.
    You dont get to tell me why, when, who, where, how or what I can or cannot do, eat, drink, speak, see, hear, feel, love, hate, buy or worship or anything else. Nor do I have to obey foreign laws. And will even oppose mine if it becomes necessary to ensure my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness maintaining my freedom.
    This is America not some Middle Eastern Country.
    If you don’t like it here, you are free to leave.
    Bye Bye.

  108. Ron

    Why don’t they complain about liquor stores that display pictures of alcohol, or cigarettes? I suppose they’d be okay with a porn shop displaying nude children.

  109. Jamisie

    Get them out of here. How come they came here in the first place. Have you ever wondered? Because they’re oppressed? The oppressed daring to oppress the very people who welcomed them with open arms.? Shouldn’t they be greatful about the freedom they are enjoying?

  110. NotGodButRelated

    Fucl Muslims fuck Islam fuck pedophile Mohammad… This is the united states of America not jahbipastan… I don’t understand by Muslims would move here when they despise us… Go to a Muslim nation where you can do all the backward as bullshyt they do

  111. gary henneberry

    Get a herd of pigs and march them through town , insult them and maybe they’ll move out .

  112. jonolan

    Muslims need to be taught that they’re allowed to live her and walk free here solely because Americans allow them to do so. It’s a privilege, not a right, and we can take it away from them whenever we desire to do so.

  113. Richard L

    I need to find a I love bacon shirt, and eat lots of bacon in front of the restaurant. I’m a Vermonter, you can’t scare me as easily as you did the own

  114. Hoppy

    Muslim Quran is not our faith or belief…those who believe the Quran are the only ones required to believe in it. If they want America and American restaurants to believe and respect the Quran then they should go back to the Middle East and stay there. They cannot and will not force America to change.

  115. Dale

    Bring on the BACON!!! Thats the problem with America now…IDIOTS that let foreigners take over! We are slowly but surely being OVERCOME by Muslims, Mexicans, and the like! If you dont like our America, land of the free…Go home & stay home!

  116. Ken gilbert

    Too bad these mooslims aren’t down here in Louisiana. If they’d complained about it down here a restaurant owner would have given away free bacon sandwiches.
    If you Islamic jihadists want to live in this great country you call Satan., you play by OUR RULES.

  117. Victor

    Muslims are like liberals. Enough is never enough. Compromise is giving them what they want and then they want more and more and more.

  118. Raymond R Kirkbride

    If they tried bacon they would fall in love with it! Come on non-bacon eating people, give it a try. Umm taste so good. Add lettuce and tomato between 2 pieces of your favorite bread and you’ll be converted!

  119. jerry bud

    The business owner should protect his sign with a pair of pit bulls … alternatively have a tray of bacon and plastic pork head displayed at the entrance of his store.
    And the smell coming out of the store … oooooh – a Heaven for many / barrier for Muslims … the country must start somewhere – somehow!

  120. Fred Marcucci


  121. Steve

    I don’t eat any unclean animals, and no I’m not a Muslim, but these crybabies get my goat. This use to be a free country. Now I don’t know what it is. If you sell bacon and want to put a sign up have the balls to stand up for yourself.

  122. yogiman

    So the ‘man in business’ is supposed to honor the Muslim religion and not advertise bacon. Okay, don’t mention Muslim in their advertisement or their ‘special’ menu.

    What gives the Muslims the justifiable arrogance to complain when they advertise bacon in their other menu that is loved by other religions.


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