It’s 2017, and technology pretty much rules the world. We are constantly staring down at a screen, and little do we notice the true beauty and detail around us.

Which is why we decided to share this pretty cool optical illusion that has been around for centuries. If this image teaches us’ll be to really slow down and observe. Check this out. It’s sure to blow your mind.

VIA| As we go through the day, we tend to give many things a passing glance. After all, we’re usually pretty busy. How are we supposed to look at the tiny details in every little thing?

Well, if these vintage optical illusions can teach us something, it’s that the closer we look, the more we’re able to really see interesting details — and what we end up spotting might really surprise us!

Optical illusions have been popular for a very long time. Back in the day, many companies used them as advertising. They were also a great way to spend time alone or with friends while trying to spot the images hidden in plain sight.

Just like the illustrated cards that came in cigar boxes, these optical illusions were really tiny pieces of art.

But do they hold up? Well, the answer seems to be yes! Recently, an image of a bear dating from the 1880s took the internet by storm.

At first, it just looked like an image of a bear’s head, but there was something else lurking in the lines and shading of its fur. Its title was “Where Is My Master?” The viewer’s task was to find the bear’s human “master” somewhere in the image.

The bear image isn’t the only one out there. There are many of these mind-bending optical illusions out there, and we’ve collected a few for you. We’ll get you started on the first few, but then you’re on your own!


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