Paul Ryan Finally Uncloaked, Trump Exposes His Worst Betrayal

In a piece I had written earlier for Illicit info, and later referenced by multiple publications, I pointed out the latest nail in the coffin for the former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan’s back-stabbing legacy.

Opinion – President Trump confirmed to the Daily Caller what many of us who have followed Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s career had already surmised.

That Ryan had lied to Trump as he had lied to the people who had supported him.

Ryan was once hailed as a deficit hawk.  Like everything else the propaganda media tells us, the opposite proved true.

In fact, the record shows that Ryan did as much to facilitate the Democrats’ spending spree as any Speaker before him.

In 2015 Ryan had only just ascended to the Speakership after a Republican revolt against then-Speaker John Boehner over the latter’s acquiescence to the previous five years of profligate spending.

Ryan wasted no time disappointing the rank and file after taking the mantle from Boehner .

Following the passage of the 2015 omnibus, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer couldn’t stop himself from spiking the football after Ryan delivered the support required to pass the massive spending bill.  From the Daily Caller:

“If you would have told me this year that we’d be standing here celebrating the passage of an omnibus bill,” Schumer claimed. “I wouldn’t have believed it, but here we are.”

“And we got more than we asked for.”

Under Ryan’s leadership the Democrats constantly achieved spending concessions due to the speaker’s penchant for big government.  Here’s Schumer and Pelosi responding to another omnibus Ryan delivered only last year:

SCHUMER: “We Democrats were really happy with what we were able to accomplish. We were able to accomplish more in the minority than when we had the presidency or the majority.”

PELOSI: “One of the reasons they rushed it through. They didn’t want their Republican colleagues to see just exactly what was in the bill.”

Just prior to the 2016 election, with Donald Trump potentially poised to assume the presidency, Ryan signed off on an omnibus spending bill that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer again crowed had provided Democrats with more concessions than they had thought possible.

Ryan also refused to campaign with Donald Trump:

After Trump’s victory, Ryan resisted the new president’s agenda with his own, calling it A Better Way Forward.  And, he steadfastly resisted advancing the agenda President Trump’s was elected campaigning for.

So yesterday’s comment to the Daily Caller from President Trump that Paul Ryan lied to him comes as no surprise.


THE DAILY CALLER: Well, the people who elected you are very interested in the immigration decision and what’s going on with this negotiation. Republicans in charge of Congress for two years didn’t get to your wall promise in Congress. How big of a roadblock to wall funding was Paul Ryan, now that he’s gone?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, I was going to veto the omnibus bill and Paul told me in the strongest of language, ‘Please don’t do that, we’ll get you the wall.’ And I said, ‘I hope you mean that, because I don’t like this bill,’ although I love the bill for what it did for the military. And therefore, if it weren’t for the military, I would have vetoed it.

After having sat in a small group Q & A with Paul Ryan and billionaire Republican donors, I realized that Ryan was the epitome of the slimy Washington politician.

Hopefully, Americans finally understand how this game works.  Trump will get more done without him, and with Pelosi, if for no other reason than he can now bludgeon those controlling the House.