When people hear the term anchor baby come out of the mouth of a conservative they will often times shrink like a wilting flower and run screaming towards the nearest safe space as if somehow that word isn’t real and is a monster of some kind.

It’s all too real. In case you did not know, an anchor baby is what happens when someone that is pregnant gives birth while they are inside the confines of the United States. That baby is a citizen upon the checking for ten fingers and ten toes; the parents stay along because after all, we can’t expect an infant to care for itself until it’s at least six or seven when we teach them where the packets of powdered lemonade are.

Every once in a while, you see someone that is visiting the United States for a completely normal reason that gives birth for whatever reason and as soon as the baby is healthy they go back to where they lived with nothing taken other than a new blanket and teddy bear from the hospital.

One time, I knew personally of someone who lived near the border near Canada and Michigan who came to the US side to go grocery shopping that day; she gave birth about three weeks premature. Her baby was born healthy and she went back over as soon as she got out of the hospital….AND THEN….

You get the people that come into the country like a thief in the night with the intention of bleeding the country dry solely so that they live off of the efforts of others.

The ‘birth tourism’ aka ‘anchor baby’ industry is HUGE! Ringleaders pocket up to $80,000 per pregnant mom. Women from all over the world come to America to deliver an “anchor baby” that receives American citizenship. The women are only charged with committing visa fraud if caught.

This needs to end. The anchor baby policy has become a global magnet for expectant moms who want a ticket to become an American citizen. Enough!

CHINESE BIRTH TOURISM–NBC reports: Southern California apartment complexes that doubled as “maternity hotels” for Chinese women who want made-in-America babies were raided early Tuesday, capping an unprecedented federal sting operation, officials said.

NBC News was on the scene as Homeland Security agents swept into The Carlyle, a luxury property in Irvine, California, which housed pregnant women and new moms who allegedly forked over $40,000 to $80,000 to give birth in the United States.

“I am doing this for the education of the next generation,” one of the women told NBC News.

None of the women were arrested; they are being treated as material witnesses, and paramedics were on hand in case any of them went into labor during the sweep.

Instead, the investigation was aimed at ringleaders who pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars tax-free to help Chinese nationals obtain visas and then pamper them until they delivered in an American hospital at a discount, court papers show.

“It’s not necessarily illegal to come here to have the baby, but if you lie about your reasons for coming here, that’s visa fraud,” said Claude Arnold, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations for Los Angeles.

All told, the feds raided 20 locations in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties, targeting three competing birth tourism schemes, officials said. The suspected operators have not been charged but are being questioned.

The organizers who allegedly ran the Carlyle site, Chao Chen and Dong Li, used a website to drum up business, touting the benefits of a child with U.S. citizenship: 13 years of free education, low-cost college financial aid, less pollution, and a path for the entire family to emigrate when the child becomes an adult.

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