Opinion| In today’s media climate anyone who dares to deny that Trump is “literally Hitler”, never mind saying something nice about our President, is scorned and scoffed at.

The “doctors” across the conservative blogosphere have come up with a formal diagnosis for such behavior: Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  TDS has broken out all over the nation but it is perhaps most prolific on the West Coast, especially Hollywood and the surrounding areas.

In all seriousness now a days anyone who aligns themselves with Trump puts themselves at risk, both financially and physically as the recent string of attacks on people wearing MAGA hats proves.

Kraft, a long time friend of President Trump seems to not give a … well, you know.

Breitbart Reports: In a Friday interview, New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft scoffed at attacks on President Donald Trump, and said that the president is “working very hard to serve the best interests of the country.”

Kraft appeared on Friday’s Fox & Friends to talk about his team’s upcoming bid for yet another Super Bowl championship, but the billionaire was also asked about his long relationship with the president.

But Fox host Brian Kilmeade also brought up Kraft’s relationship to President Trump asking him how he felt when he saw Trump’s congratulatory tweet about the Patriots’ AFC Championship win.

“We can use every fan who wants to support us from wherever they are in their standard of life,” Kraft said of the president’s tweet.

Kilmeade asked how Kraft feels about having the support of the president of the United States and if he has spoken to Trump ahead of the big game.

“He’s been very supportive,” Kraft said, adding that Trump is “working very hard to serve the best interests of the country.”

Kilmeade went on to ask Kraft about the recent protesting that NFL players have been taking part in and the Patriot’s owner deflected, saying: “People are looking for something that allows them to escape their daily travails.”

It’s only fitting that the owner of the Patriots has the back of the man elected to the highest office in the land, who was put there by Patriots.

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