Trump Strikes Back After Nancy Pelosi Says “There’s Not Going to Be Any Wall Money”

Opinion| As you’re probably already aware, President Donald Trump gave Congress three weeks to come to an agreement on funding for his coveted border wall between the United States’ southern border and Mexico.

Clearly that isn’t going to happen.

ABC News wrote in a tweet, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells @jparkABC she will ‘of course’ allow a floor vote on any bipartisan border security proposal crafted by appropriators, but adds, ‘there’s not going to be any wall money in the legislation.'”

President Trump wasn’t having it, however. He struck back with a brutal response.

Mark Knoller quoted the President in a tweet. “‘If there’s no wall, it doesn’t work,’ says Pres Trump of the DHS funding bill he wants. He said it existing wall was taken down at Tijuana, Nancy Pelosi would be begging for a wall. ‘Without a wall, it doesn’t work,’ he said of southern border security.”

Chicks on Right posted two photographs of the current border wall situation:

Walls do work, whether the left wants to admit it, or not.

Jennifer Jacobs tweeted direct quotes from President Trump on California’s current situation.

“Trump on California: ‘Some people have suggested let me take the wall along California. Let’s move it to Arizona. Let’s move it to Texas. It’d be a very interesting statement.’ ‘You will have so many people coming into our country that Nancy Pelosi will be begging for a wall.'”

The President responded to Nancy Pelosi’s comment that there would be no money for a border wall by saying, “If they don’t give us a wall it doesn’t work. Without a wall, it doesn’t work.”

It’s about time that the Democrats pull themselves together and come up with appropriate funding for the President’s coveted border wall. They have been given ample time, but continue to drag their feet.