Covington Boy’s Lawyer Sets Social Media on Fire with Who He is Going After!

Los Angeles-based trial lawyer Robert Barnes is working with the families to sue the individuals and media outlets that defamed the Covington Catholic boys.

Video evidence and statements from multiple witnesses indicate that the boys were targeted by two groups of protesters who hurled hateful, racial, homophobic slurs at them while they waited on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for their bus after participating in the March for Life.

It was while they were waiting for their bus that a black separatist fringe group known for making outrageous, racist, anti-gay statements went on a lengthy tirade against them.

Yet, the media as well as individuals in masses shared, and are still sharing a false narrative that the Covington boys were the nefarious party.

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The picture of Covington student Nick Sandmann and Nathan Phillips looking at each other was plastered all over social media.

Barnes has stated that “anyone who doesn’t correct and retract” their false smears would be subject to a lawsuit.

He has since, received all kinds of threats, and it is not slowing him down.

Teen activist, CJ Pearson has been using his platform to help collect tweets and articles that helped spread the lie. At last count, they had more than 9000 tweets alone.

Barnes is now setting Twitter on fire as he calls out people and unabashedly mentions them as he targets them. His objective is that he will sue said people if they do not retract their incorrect stories about the Covington boys. Barnes was seen on Twitter going after the following people: Kathy Griffin , USA Today, Andrea Mitchell, The Washington Post, Maggie Haberman of the NY Times, Esquire, S.E. Cupp, Alyssa Milano, and Tom Watson.

In a Jan. 26 Fox News interview, Barnes specifically mentioned Reza Aslan, Iranian-American writer and commentator; Matthew Dowd, ABC News political analyst and former chief strategist for the George W. Bush campaign; actor Michael Rapaport; and The New York Daily News.

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Many tweets have already been removed, the link arriving at the familiar:

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Obviously some, like Alyssa Milano are not taking Barnes serious.

“Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” Aslan said in a Jan. 19 tweet—a comment he hasn’t reconsidered.

“Folks, let us not let these kids, their parents, and their school off the hook. Regardless of what led up to this, this is awful,” Dowd said in a Jan. 21 tweet, sharing one of the shortened videos of the incident posted by CNN political analyst April Ryan.

“Libel. Lies. Retract & correct, or get sued,” Barnes replied on Jan. 21. Dowd has neither retracted, nor corrected.

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Rapaport went even further, posting an expletive-ridden video addressed to the students on Jan. 19, which he hasn’t taken down as of Jan. 28.

The New York Daily News found itself in Barnes’s cross-hairs for a story that accused several Covington students of wearing “blackface”—coloring their faces black to mock black people.

Covington fans had engaged in a “blackout”. It is a  common occurrence in college sports where a team’s supporters coordinate to don all-black clothing and sometimes even paint their bodies and faces black. This usually only occurs when the team has black in its colors. There are, for instance, “whiteout” and “blueout” events for other colored teams.

According to his website, Barnes has a history of taking on the causes of underdogs: “Fighting for individuals against unethical law firms, corrupt banks, and rogue government agents, Barnes continues the family tradition his great-grandfathers started centuries ago, fighting for the freedoms that founded America.”