Joy Behar Dressed Up In Blackface When She Was 29 But That’s Not A Problem For Dems

Joy Behar, the Trump-bashing talking head on ABC’s “The View,” wore blackface at the age of 29 to a Halloween party.

“It was a Halloween party, I went as a beautiful African woman,” Behar said in a past View segment in which she revealed the photo of herself.

Asked if she had tanning lotion on, Behar replied: “I had makeup that was a little bit darker than my skin.”

Jezebel flagged the segment in 2016.

I am not in any way defending the Virginia Governor, Northam, for his yearbook photos. I really don’t have a huge problem with Behar’s costume either.

Where I have a problem is the blatant hypocrisy between the two issues.

And it’s not just the difference in the way the two instances were treated, it’s the fact that somehow, Northam’s actions from over 30 years ago are somehow President Trump’s fault.

According to Update America,

Liberal logic can have more twists in it than a yoga studio renting space in a pretzel factory.

That was evident this week on NBC’s “Today Show” when a discussion panel tried to put blame on President Trump for the 1984 blackface scandal embroiling Ralph Northam’s Virginia governorship.

Yes, seriously.

According to Fox News, co-host Craig Melvin asked a discussion panel why the whole issue of blackface is “all of a sudden front and center in America again?”

Eddie Glaude Jr., a Princeton University professor, replied, “I think it has something to do with what Donald Trump has unleashed.

It has something to do with the reservoir that’s underneath our politics that can always be activated at any moment.

So it’s not like it’s something new has happened. It’s always underneath. It’s the undertow.”

So there you have it.

Even something that a Democrat did 3 decades ago is Trump’s fault.

These people are delusional folks.