Democrats BUSTED On Camera Blowing Through Money, Throwing Lavish Parties During Shutdown While Trump Continues To Find A Way To Build The Wall

Dems Take Tropical Vacation With Lobbyists While Federal Employees Wait for Gov to Reopen.

As the government shutdown surpasses the longest record, Democrats kicked back and relaxed on a tropical vacation with lobbyists in Puerto Rico.

Thousands of federal employees continue to work without pay as the due dates for their car loans, mortgages and utilities pass without getting paid.

Meanwhile, democrats who claim to care more about the federal employees than President Trump, are soaking up the sun at a beach in Puerto Rico and were able to enjoy a Hamlet show with hundreds of lobbyists.

Not to mention, the hotel they stayed in carried a $400+ per night price tag.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC winter retreat was meant for a roundtable discussion on cleanup after hurricane Maria but the weekend is packed with freetime for the democrats and their families.

Many are calling out democrats on their hypocrisy as the President stays in Washington waiting for them to make a deal on the border wall and end the government shutdown.

The President tweeted his concern over their tropical vacation, instead of focusing on border security:

The left leaning citizens of America need to open their eyes. Does this look like democrats care about your wellbeing at all?

Could you vacation on a beach and laugh it up while many Americans continue to go without pay?

Donald Trump is the one sitting in Washington, cancelling his trips to work out a deal that will secure our borders and end the government shutdown.