Mark Dice, our favorite conservative pundit again went through the streets and made a new breaking video. Brace yourselves folks, because this latest ‘Biden Voters Are All Dummies” clip is a real doozy…

In the sunny beachside “streets” of California, Dice have again exposed Biden’s dimwit voters and what he found out is a real laughable truth that would slap Biden’s face.

So, since Biden is being named as the most “popular” politician of our lifetime, Dice thought about going out and ask Biden’s supporters if they were aware of what Biden made during the past eight years before becoming the president.

In short, he would like to know if people were fully aware of what position or job Biden held for the past eight years.

And shockingly these people who voted him that were included in the more than 81 million “legal” votes have no clue that Biden was the Vice President before becoming the president now. Like are they serious?

So this is how they show love and support to the most “popular” politician of our lifetime, they supported him without an ounce of idea what he was doing before.

Give me a break…

I mean, come on man, you can’t possibly believe this bumbling old goof won, can you?

Though we have expected these types of answers it is still funny to hear it exactly from them.

This only shows that liberal people only considered their emotions during the election and not the facts was served to their faces almost every day. The sad thing, these are the majority of the voters.

This video also shows that people only voted for Biden because they hated Trump, which they have admitted.


I guess what we need now is a new law that would require a “civics test” first before voting, in this way we can lessen the number of these idiots in our country.

Source: Wayne Daupree

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