A baby in Brazil can now say that they were quite literally born into metal. During a Metallica show in Curitiba, Brazil, a woman gave birth to her son while the band was playing “Enter Sandman.” 

Everyone who attended a Metallica concert last Saturday, May 7, in Curitiba, Brazil, was very surprised when they realized that a woman gave birth just three songs before the band finished its show.

Tattoo artist Joice M. Figueiró was 39 weeks pregnant when she attended the show as part of Metallica’s six-date tour of South America.

Joice, who bought tickets for the show three years ago as the tour was originally planned for April 2020 but was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, said in a post on her social networks that she was sitting in an area especially when her contractions started during the band’s performance.

She tried to get to the event’s first aid clinic but on the way her water broke and there was no time to get to the hospital or outpatient clinic, so she had to give birth during the concert.

“When would I imagine that I would be at the @metallica show with 39 weeks of pregnancy and this child decides to be born right there, 3 songs before the end of the show, in Couto Pereira to the sound of Enter Sandman?”, wrote the woman who she became a mother again.

Fortunately, the delivery of the baby was a success and he was born healthy while the band played in the background.

Meanwhile, Metallica will wrap up their string of South American shows with three more dates in Brazil this week before returning to the US for the Boston Calling and BattleRock Napa festivals later this month.

Additionally, the band will take the stage at New York’s Highmark Stadium on August 11, before arriving at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park three days later on August 14.

Watch it here: Bemparana/Youtube

Source: SkyNews

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