Joe Biden really proves that he is not just good at failing, but also in making things even more complicated.

Tyrant Biden wants total control, so whoever defies his Covid mandates which by the way unconstitutional, he will automatically cut off from the supply chain.

In fact, what happens to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s cut-off supply of monoclonal antibody treatment is just one of the many cases of abuse of power Biden has been doing.

Recently, the Biden administration moves to slash the supply of monoclonal antibody treatment available to Florida, while Gov. Ron DeSantis is busy promoting the drug as an effective weapon against COVID-19.

At a press conference Thursday in Fort Lauderdale, DeSantis pointed out that more than 90,000 people have received monoclonal antibody, or mAb, treatments, and the state would soon pass 100,000.

That, he said, was due to his administration’s efforts to advocate its possibilities as a treatment – something no one, including the Biden administration, was doing until recently.

But that progress is threatened by the Biden administration’s new rule controlling the supply.

“We’ve been thrown a major curveball here,” DeSantis said of the plan.

But, “We’re in the fight making sure Florida is not short-changed on these monoclonals. That’s going to be front and center for us. … We’re going to fight like hell to make sure our folks get what they need.”

DeSantis said it was important that treatment of COVID is considered just as viable as preventing the virus.

“The bottom line is this: COVID is a treatable illness. And we have to never go back to the days where particularly high-risk people get infected and were told to just go home and hope they don’t get deathly ill,” said DeSantis.

DeSantis said early post-infection treatment is a critical part of fighting COVID, and accordingly mAb “has saved lives here in the state of Florida.”

This is why, the governor noted, that it is disheartening the Biden administration this week unveiled a plan to cut Florida’s available supply of mAb treatments by more than half.

Watch it here: Youtube/ Wesh 2 News

This is more like it, more and more people are hitting Biden’s dictator-like governance.

Source: 100% FedUp

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