I once have high respect for the FBI… But that was all in the past, things have changed because they adopted the liberal rules. And they’re becoming one of the most hated woke Federal agencies.

After Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan where he left so many casualties behind and a high-tech calvary to his Taliban militant friends which is now a great pose of threat to the United States alone.

Speaking of casualties, hundreds are still reportedly trapped in Afghanistan who calls to flee out of the chaotic country courtesy of Joe Biden.

Recently, Chris Wray’s FBI admitted that the Jan. 6 Was Deep State Operation and they were running at least one operative in the crowd during the US Capitol riot.

The FBI just proven how rotten and evil they are after they made an investigation on the US veteran groups that are saving Afghan allies and Americans that their monkey chief left behind.

The Daily Mail reported that the FBI has contacted veterans’ groups, which helped evacuate Americans and at-risk allies left behind after the chaotic Afghanistan evacuation last month to make sure they did not violate federal laws.

Agents have enquired about financial records and flight manifests, and visited at least one group leader at home, Politico reported.

Agents are reportedly looking at whether any groups solicited money, offered bribes, or hired for-profit contractors for security and escort services.

The controversial private military contractor Erik Prince, who founded Blackwater, offered to safely evacuate people for $6,500 each, sparking allegations of profiteering. It is unclear if Prince has been contacted by the FBI.

Dozens of private groups made up of veterans and workers with experience in Afghanistan cropped up to aid those looking to flee the country.

Many were coordinated over messaging apps like WhatsApp, and some have continued their work since American military forces left the country for good on August 31.

This is so unruly considering this was the Presidents obligation instead these veterans choose to help then gets into trouble for doing the right thing.

Can Biden’s America get any worse?

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, Daily Mail

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