It’s all coming back to Joe’s face again, all their false promises about getting vaxxed so you won’t get COVID-19. What’s even worse he is forcing every American to get vaxxed even he knew getting a vaccine could still get you COVID.

This is what happens to Joe’s gatekeeper Jen Psaki, who has not made any public appearance for almost two weeks after being diagnosed with Covid-19, in spite of being fully vaccinated.

October 27th was the last public appearance made by Psaki and her role has been filled by Deputy Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, who presumably be the only person worse at Psaki’s job than White House Press Secretary herself.

There is no update yet as to when Psaki will be able to return to her job as Biden’s Press Secretary, but she hasn’t exactly been missed by Republicans.

NPR Reported:

“Psaki, who is fully vaccinated, said she has experienced only mild symptoms.”

“In a statement, she said she had not had contact with senior White House officials since Wednesday — four days before she tested positive — and last saw Biden on Tuesday, when they were wearing masks and were more than six feet apart from each other, outdoors.”

Here’s Psaki’s tweet:

The fact that Psaki and others like her have gotten Covid 19 despite being fully vaccinated has really brought the efficacy of the vaccines. The majority of the civilians, even celebrities are now wondering why they should be putting something in their body that doesn’t always work without knowing its long-term effects.

Check what Travis Tritt twitted:

What is more suspicious is that Psaki’s disappearance is happening at the same time as the absence of Democratic California governor, Gavin Newsome.

As the report said, the California Governor received a ‘mix and match’ booster shot and hasn’t been seen for the last 11 days, just like Psaki.

Their disappearances have people wondering what’s going on in Democrats and certainly, they haven’t instilled confidence in the vaccines and booster shots.

Sources: WeLoveTrump, NPR

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