While our national security is at stake because the border crisis reached its critical level, the person in charge is busy with her children’s specials on YouTube. Seriously?

Harris is wasting her time on this when the country is in such deep trouble.

Biden’s regime is the worst by far compared to the past administrations. I mean, he manages to destroy American in just less than 9 months.

Excerpt from Breitbart News reports:

What Border Crisis?: Kamala Harris to Star in YouTube Space-Themed Special for Kids

Vice President Kamala Harris, who was appointed by President Joe Biden in March to fix and manage the mounting and deadly border crisis, is set to star in a special, Get Curious with Vice President Harris, aiming to get young people interested in NASA and space exploration.

The special will show a group of children meeting Harris and taking part in a scavenger hunt supervised by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough as he serves aboard the International Space Station. The kids will also tour the United States Naval Observatory which is Harris’ official vice-presidential residence.

“My mom was a scientist. She would take us to the lab with her on the weekends and after school because she had to work long hours,” Harris says in the trailer for the show, which is timed to World Space Week.

“I just love the idea of exploring the unknown. We’re going to learn so much as we increasingly are curious and interested in the potential for the discoveries and the work we can do in space. That’s one of the things I’m most excited about.”

What is going on here, seriously?

This administration is an absolute disaster.

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