Liberals are acting like the US Capitol is the most sacred, hallowed land on this earth.

And while, yes, it should be a symbol of something great and sacred, it is actually not.

It’s a thick, murky, disgusting swamp, filled with liars, perverts, and other assorted scumbuckets.

In truth, it’s become a very ugly, and disgusting place, that we’re trying to Make Great Again.

But, as we have all sadly discovered, it’s not easy.

Nevertheless, the Dems are pushing this notion about how “sacred” the Capitol is, in order to really make their case that the January 6th melee was worse than 9/11.

And while they push this, non-stop, take a minute and look at this video clip taken 1/2 a block away from the sacred Capitol building – the hallowed ground of our amazing political leaders…

The video shows many of our brave political leaders drive by this disguising scene every single day on their way to work, and don’t even bat an eyelash?

Probably most of them.

People sent their comments on the video posted on Twitter by Amalia C. Halikias (@AmaliaHalikias).

One person said that “the tent cities are horrible and make neighborhoods unsafe for children!!”

Another one said “Disgraceful.”

“This is not about money, but about not caring for other human beings.” commented by another user.

And another one said, “That’s depressing.”

They don’t care that they’re working right next to peasant Americans who are barely scrimping to stay alive, potentially dangerous folks, with nothing to lose…that doesn’t matter to these vultures because it’s not a political move for them.

As their mission to paint Trump supporters as the enemy of this country, while everything around them and we is falling apart.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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