Clearly, the Biden administration is really good when it comes to failing and getting humiliated.

After what Rand Paul did to Biden’s HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra for the misinformation and arrogance, it was well deserved. The COVID handling has been a complete disaster.

Moreover, the situation in the Southern Border just keeps getting worse as Joe Biden’s poll ratings continue to collapse, the Biden administration still manages to blame other people for the result.

Surprising? No. It’s their trait of being a Democrat.

Recently, Jen Psaki had it. She is clearly fed up lying for his boss and lying to the people where she chooses to walk out.

It was a question shouted by Emerald Robinson of NewsMax where she said, “I have a question. On the polling. The president’s polling continues to collapse …” but got no further.

“Emerald, I know you like to shout at the end,” Psaki responded. “Next time, we’ll do it during the briefing.”

As Psaki departed, briefing book in hand, Robinson made one more try: “Well, if you’d call on me…”

“Thank you so much,” Psaki said on her way out with the door.

Watch it here: Youtube/GOPWarRoom

Clearly, Jennifer Psaki has apparently had enough of Newsmax White House correspondent where she chooses to walk away like that.

Just like Wayne Dupree says, “the elites hate to be humiliated – and these low polling numbers are a great source of humiliation for them and hopefully, Emerald and Doocy will keep hammering away at that.

I have a feeling that when this Biden administration fails, they would definitely blame others. Yikes!

Source: WayneDupree

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