Our border crisis and surge of illegal aliens are beyond its critical condition. Because it was always Biden’s dream to open American to illegal aliens and give them the assistance they needed. While regular Americans are thriving every day to get help from this broken system that Biden has created.

But people are sick of it… Americans have to beg to get this assistance while illegal aliens can get it freely.

So is Greg Abbot, he’s sick of these illegal aliens, so the Texas Governor has been forced to use ‘unprecedented’ methods to prevent more illegal immigrants from entering the U.S by creating a ‘steel barrier’ of hundreds of vehicles at the border.

Governor Abbott said, “They have created a steel barrier preventing people from being able to cross the border,” during a press conference about the border. Abbott announced that in August at the Texas border, $25 million will go to building a two-mile section of wall.

Because to block the illegals, he has to do something right now.

A WALL OF WHEELS created by Governor Abbott and the Texas DPS:

He said the trucks stretch for miles and are part of a series of “extraordinary” efforts being taken by Texas to solve the border problem, including a $3 billion investment by the state government.

For ignoring the crisis and denying it exists, Governor Abbott called out the Biden administration, and he wants the Biden administration to stop promoting immigration.

“The only thing they’ve shown is an incapability of dealing with this crisis, candidly in a way where they pretend it doesn’t even exist,” the Republican governor said at a press conference. “And we’re here to tell you, it exists and it’s total chaos and the Biden administration- they need to up their game, big time.”

But the DHS Director just testified and continued to deny the crisis.

According to Newsbreak:

As part of an ongoing migratory wave, there have been over 200,000 migrant interactions in both July and August.

Over 14,000 migrants, largely from Haiti, camped out under the Del Rio bridge last week. In response, the Department of Homeland Security has dispatched additional resources and agents to the region, and the number of people on the bridge has been decreased to around 8,000.

Abbott has attempted to take matters into his own hands, announcing a proposal to build a wall along Texas’ southern border earlier this year, as well as launching Operation Lonestar, which entails police officers being deployed to the border to detain illegal immigrants.

Watch it here: Youtube/GOP war room

Sources: 100percentfedup, Original.newsbreak, Nbcdfw, Foxnews

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  1. Sammi

    What each state needs to do is tell these illegals that there are no more handouts. They will not get ANY govt assistance.
    That money should go for the ppl that REALLY deserve it. We should also hire undercover agents to check on the ppl that are getting assistance to see if, in fact, they do deserve it.


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