Welfare Queen Brags About “Raping the Government”, Taunts Working Americans [VIDEO]

A Brooklyn welfare queen and mother of 3 doesn’t work because she’s “proudly raping the government!”


In a new viral NSFW video, a mother residing in Brooklyn taunts white men and Americans working to support their families because she’s “raping the government”.

“Got my own s***. Mother of three kids by myself — f*** it — and I don’t pay taxes,” says the woman in an Obamaphone-type post. “Lick my a**.”

“Welfare b**** have more than you, b****! You workin’ 9 to 5, b****! You still ain’t got s***!” she continues, before bragging about having “Jordans on my feet all day, b****.”

The woman consistently swears while proclaiming proudly, “Get out of here, b*tch. F*ck the government. F*ck Trump. I’m gonna rape that sh*t sitting on my a$$… Guess what? This b*tch is doing better than you, b*tch. You’re on your feet all day b*tch. All day… Get the f*ck out of here. You go and work. I’ll sit on my a$$ while you go and work.”

As The Daily Wire reports, New York can be a haven for people looking to scam the government as its welfare system is more generous than the likes of France and even Sweden.





Article Sources:Daily Wire,  / Video Credit:YouTube/paperchase tim

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