Good things really do happen to good people every now and then.

Often times business owners have no idea about the lives of employees who work for them. Undercover Boss was a brilliant idea that has allowed these owners to have a dose of reality to the struggle of others.

Via MOM:

On an episode of CBS reality show “Undercover Boss,” Angel is training a man named Joey who claims to have closed a pizza shop and now wants to open a sports memorabilia shop and learn the business at Modell’s.

While mentoring Joey in the importance of customer service, she reveals her family’s situation while also telling him that “things get better.”

“As long as you have that drive in there, as long as you push and push, things are gonna get better. You’re going to be fine,” she tells him, leaving him (and us) in a weeping puddle of tears.

That’s when Modell was moved to action.

“I have never experienced a moment like this,” Modell reveals to the camera. “It literally broke my heart.”

Later in the episode, Modell (looking really different) invites Angel to Citi Field in Queens, N.Y., where he tells her that she’s been promoted to assistant manager and will be receiving a $14,000 raise.

And that’s not all! Take a look at what else this owner gifted the struggling mother of three.

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