Sorry to break it to you Bill, it wasn’t only “angry white men” that voted for President Trump. In fact, there were a lot of other ethnicities as well as women that voted for Trump. We the people voted for him. We want to reverse what Obama has done to this Great Nation. PATRIOTS UNITE!

VIA| When former President Bill Clinton hit President-elect Donald Trump with an insult about not knowing anything except how to corral “angry white men” into voting for him, he probably didn’t think Trump would respond in any way the mainstream media would take seriously.

Trump, as we’ve learned, is a rhetorical pugilist among rhetorical pugilists. If he’s shown himself to be anything, it’s a brawler on a Muhammad Ali scale. And he managed to hit Clinton back so hard that even CNN — which earned the moniker “Clinton News Network” for 25 years of obsequiousness to America’s most dysfunctional political family — sided with Trump.

At issue were remarks that Clinton made in the presence of the editor of the Bedford-Pound Record-Review in upper Westchester County, New York.

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  1. Robbie Macy

    why since we now have a legitimate replacement for Obama is he not being stripped of any power an arrested before he can skip the country. what is wrong with the stupid people we have in the government, oh God forbid we actually have someone who speaks for the people, whole country should go on strike until Obama and Hilary are both thrown in prison for treason.


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