Dr. Vladimir ‘Zev’ Zelenko, who drew President Trump’s attention with his devotion to Hydroxychloroquine as a COVID treatment, died on Thursday.

Dr. Zelenko is also a Nobel prize-nominated physician who famously discovered and used an early treatment for COVID, dubbed the “Zelenko Protocol,” passed on June 30, 2022, at the age of 48 after a long battle with pulmonary artery sarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

Dr. Zelenko’s life-saving protocol was adopted worldwide despite suppression by establishment.

When Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko countered the government and medical establishment orthodoxy in his development of a successful treatment for COVID-19, he knew he was on borrowed time.

He was born in 1973, in Kyiv, Ukraine, and came to Brooklyn, New York, in 1977 with his family.

Zelenko earned a B.S. in chemistry with high honors at Hofstra University and then earned an M.D. at the Buffalo School of Medicine in 2000.

He had been practicing in Monroe, New York, in 2020 during the outbreak of COVID-19, and is credited with having treated about 7,500 patients with his method.

In 2018, Zelenko was diagnosed with pulmonary artery sarcoma, an extremely rare disease that has a 100% mortality rate. He had open-heart surgery and lost his right lung, then had very difficult chemotherapy treatment. More surgery and more chemotherapy followed in subsequent years.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Dr. Zelenko has been battling a serious case of progressive cancer for some time. In a recent video, he announced that a tumor had been found on his heart’s upper right ventricle, with a blood clot sitting above the tumor.

In 2020 Dr. Zelenko developed a protocol that included prophylaxis, early intervention, and treatment of high-risk patients with COVID-19.  His treatment plan included zinc, low-dose hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin.  It is known as, “The Zelenko Protocol.”

His protocol reportedly had a 99% success rate with high-risk patients.

Dr. Zelenko claimed his regimen was “a gift from God in response to tyranny.”

Dr. Zev Zelenko discussed his situation from a hospital bed earlier this month.

Watch it here: KathrynWilson/Youtube

Our prayers are with Dr. Zelenko, his family, and his friends at this time.

You can read Dr. Zelenko’s obituary here: America’s Frontline Doctors

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, America’s Frontline Doctors

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