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Veterans Day weekend for the NFL was a resounding flop with thousands of empty seats nation wide.

National Anthem protesting is seen as highly disrespectful to the men and women who serve to protect this nation and these players right to protest. Although players claim that disrespecting the military and veterans isn’t their intention it’s the result that they are getting. Week 10 of this season occurred over Veterans Day weekend and pictures of stadiums across the country all had one thing in common, minimal attendance. Though many players agreed to postpone protesting over this particular weekend not all of them did and fan attendance proved that the NFL is in serious jeopardy as the entire organization seems to be collapsing into itself.

Via Breitbart:

Photos of empty seats continue to make their appearance on Twitter as the NFL’s Week 10 games debut on Veterans Day, this weekend. Though only a few players decided to protest the country on this day dedicated to our soldiers, fans stayed away in droves.

According to the Twitter account Empty Seats Galore, the Rams “handed out 60,032 tickets” for the game as they met the Houston Texans beating the Texans 33 to 7.


60,000 tickets may have been handed out but the empty seats prove that is NOT the number in actual attendance.

Chicago fans gave a bit more love to their team, the Bears brought out 55,661 fans to Soldier Filed, meaning 5,624 seats went empty.

New York Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon took a knee during the anthem and L.A. Rams linebacker Robert Quinn thrust fist in the air as the song played. Elsewhere, Eric Reid and wide receiver Marquise Goodwin of the San Francisco 49ers also took a knee during the song. For his part, 49ers wide receiver Louis Murphy raised a fist during the tune.

These over entitled players have a very rude awakening in store if they think this continued behavior won’t be the end of the NFL. Fans out number players by the millions, who do you think will ultimately win?

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