We know how dirty IRS works, and Biden takes advantage of that – he uses all its resources to spy on us, especially on those people who spoke against him.

Republicans are totally aware of this, Biden has exploited the system and it should be stopped!

And this happen, the House Republicans proposed a new bill that would stop Biden from exploiting IRS resources to spy on Americans.

A provision requiring banks to report any transaction of $600 or more to the IRS is hidden inside Biden’s massive $3.5 trillion bill and causing anger to many Americans after this hidden provision was exposed.

Americans asked: why $600? If the point was to spy on the wealthy, why is the amount set so low that it would affect a significant majority of average Americans?

While the left and Joe Biden claim that the intent of this IRS spying would be to stop the wealthy elite from evading taxes. The answer is self-evident: it is about spying on everyone, not just the wealthy.

To scrutinize Americans’ finances, as well as create a huge mess for small banks, the Democrats bill’s hidden provision would give the IRS significant power.

The bill, entitled the Prohibiting IRS Financial Surveillance Act whom the House Republicans are planning to unveil is meant to prevent the Internal Revenue Service from adopting Biden’s proposal, a bill that would block the Biden administration giving the IRS additional scrutiny over the American people.

An excerpt from Fox Business reports:

“The bill from Rep. Drew Ferguson, R-Ga., would prohibit Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen from requiring financial institutions to report the in-flows and out-flows of any account they maintain, excluding any monitoring that exists under current law. It was co-sponsored by every Republican member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, including ranking member Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas.“

After news of the proposed bill was reported, Rep. Ferguson spoke out about Biden’s attempt to spy on Americans.

Ferguson said in a statement, “This IRS surveillance is an invasion of individual’s privacy and with Democrats’ history of weaponizing the IRS for their own political gain, it’s in every American’s best interest that we prevent the use of private financial information for this type of egregious power play.”

While Republicans do not currently hold the majority in either chamber of Congress, there is the possibility that some more moderate Democrats could join the GOP in supporting this bill. Hopefully, the Biden administration’s latest attempt at government overreach will not be successful.

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