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We all have seen some short clip of this chant, a reminder of how badly Biden screwed things up that people in America just made a chant the “F Joe Biden.”

I even thought that nothing could ever top that chant until now… I mean, I was totally wrong to say that because this one might be.

When MMA fighter Sao Joao begins his rant, he has an impromptu but powerful message for Joe Biden that even the rant is filled with bad language, it seems that the crowd is in agreement, and obviously, Joe Biden might be cussing “Great Again,” right now.

Well, in describing Joe, it’s amazing how many people are throwing around bad words at him, and to be honest, who can blame them? I think they’re just frustrated.

Even the failed communist Mayor de Blasio also got a nice savage dig by Sao and I still think you’re going to appreciate this man’s effort and message, regardless of the swearing.

Yep, I can let the swearing pass at this point.

This country is so far in the gutter thanks to Dems.

So, it’s good to see people taking the gloves off, so to speak, and fighting fire with fire.

More of this!

Here are some comments from the folks online:

“Let it all out!”

“Sao Joao… my New Hero!”

“I think he got his point across.”

“Can’t say it much better than that lol great job !”


“That fighter has a new fan!”

“Everything he said is true”

“Now that’s straight to the point. “

“lol he speaks the truth”

“Perfectly said”

“it’s loud and vulgar and I should be shocked…but since it’s directed at Biden…will let it pass!”

“Fuck mother fucking Joe Biden”

“If we could have someone with that kind of fighting spirit that doesn’t take nonsense from people but also has real plans for saving the country.”

“Now thats how to make a point”

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