After heavy demand caused charging times to double, Tesla drivers were delayed for hours waiting to charge their cars.

The drivers became stuck in a huge line of traffic at the charging station in Louisiana, just off Interstate 10, after the stations started taking longer than usual to charge.

When a woman stopped for gas in Louisiana, she noticed a fully electric vehicle charging station across the street, but it was the longest line of Teslas waiting for a turn that caught her attention.

Frustrated drivers can be seen sitting helplessly in the queue whilst they wait for their turn.

Here’s what the woman said:

“I was stopping to get gas when I noticed dozens of cars all waiting in a line, I soon noticed it was a line of Tesla’s waiting their turn to charge up. When I pulled over and asked the guy how long it took to charge, he said it normally takes 30 minutes but these stations were running slow due to high demand.”

“As a result, each car was taking over an hour to charge which is more than double what they’re supposed to, I hope those people had food on board as they may not have made it home for dinner.”

Video footage shows the never-ending line of flash cars snaking back through the nearby car park.

Business Insider reporter Ben Bergman recorded a similar video earlier this year of himself attempting to charge his Tesla only to be confronted by an extraordinarily long line, the Western Journal reports.

“The very rare time as a Tesla owner I wish I could pay $6/gallon for gas and be on my way,” he wrote. “We need more super chargers @elonmusk”

Musk, to his credit, did respond to Bergman’s tweet, assuring him that his company was “working on it,” the report added.

Amid soaring gas prices, the Biden administration is endorsing EVs. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has suggested that people would not have to worry about rising gas prices if they bought an EV.

Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, slammed Biden’s administration; he said Biden and Democrats are out of touch with the public.

Jordan told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Monday:

“Now that they’ve made gas $5 a gallon, what do they do? They tell us all to go buy a Tesla. I mean, this is how out of touch they are with normal Americans.”

In Biden’s America, gas is currently averaging $4.29 per gallon, up about a dollar from last month. At $5.78 per gallon, California has the highest average.

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