White House press secretary Jen Psaki usually maintains her cool, calmly reciting facts and counterarguments in reply but on Friday during her daily media briefing, she seems tense and rattled as she struggles to answer a very simple question.

It’s too simple but why can’t she answer it directly?  The question is whether the Biden administration is engaging with parents about school reopenings.

This just proves that the weak Biden administration doesn’t give a damn about parent’s concerns.

White House only cares about leftist teachers’ unions when it comes to how the coronavirus pandemic will continue to affect schools this fall.

As millions of students around the country prepare to return to school in the coming weeks, Psaki was asked about comments from Education Secretary Miguel Cardona regarding fears about the spread of the reportedly crippling delta variant.

According to a White House transcript of the briefing, a reporter asked, “Yesterday, Secretary Cardona noted that the administration is working closely with teacher unions as they prepare for school openings this fall. I’m wondering: Are there any specific parent organizations that the administration is also partnering with?”

Well, the question wasn’t particularly deceptive, but you could see she was well aware of the potential headlines that would have resulted if she had provided an honest answer and stated that the Biden administration is unconcerned about parents and students. You could see how Psaki appeared to be in a state of disarray.

Psaki then asked, apparently to buy time, “To help ensure schools opening?”

She responded unsure, “Uh, you know, that would — that is something certainly the Department of Education — they are working with a range of organizations to make sure they are educated, they have the information they need, they know what the mitigation measures are.”

She quickly then concluded, “I can certainly ask Secretary Cardona if there any specifics or get you in touch with the Department of Education.”

Psaki couldn’t name a single specific parent organization because there aren’t any.

President Joe Biden and those around him don’t give a hoot about moms and dads as the coronavirus continues to mutate into a leftist totalitarian dictatorship. Parents are about to send their children to schools obsessed with mandating masks, decrying racism, and rewriting history, and so many of those schools are only as good as the leftist teacher’s unions that essentially call the shots.

Does Dr. Anthony Fauci care if parents are concerned about kids wearing dehumanizing masks? We know Cardona doesn’t care about mothers and fathers.

The education secretary was asked just a day before Psaki foundered on the subject, “Are you engaged in discussions with teachers unions that might be reluctant about returning to the classroom this fall because of the delta variant?”

Cardona responded, according to a White House transcript, “You know, I really don’t expect it to be a challenge to work with our teachers to get our schools reopened.”

“In fact, I think they’ve shown a lot of proactive communication about wanting to reopen schools. All teachers want schools reopened, and we just want to make sure that they’re safe for students and for staff,” Cordona Added.

In the exchanges resulting from that question, Cardona never once mentioned being engaged with parents directly, but he did appear to slight anyone not willing to accept the official federal government line with regard to what is acceptable behavior during the 2021-2022 school year.

He said, “You know what I’m worried about? The adult actions getting in the way of schools safely reopening. Let our educators educate, let our leaders, school leaders, lead, and we can get our schools reopened safely.”

There was no talk of engaging with parents’ organizations. The White House doesn’t care about parents or their children.

The Education Department is simply concerned with placating the White House and leftist teachers unions. Instead of admitting this simple fact, Psaki on Friday scrambled to find a lucid answer — and in the process reminded us of how awful she is at her job.

Watch it here: Youtube/The White House, Youtube/The White House

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