Joe Biden’s bumbling, blathering, and disorienting moments become almost a “daily” thing and we all have seen tons of video clips about that.

Joe Biden’s cognitive issues appear to be getting worse and worse and this time around, it looks like this one is the most perplexed.

We’re on the level now the place customary persons are wondering if Biden is “have compatibility” to be the so-called “president,” particularly after the crisis in Afghanistan.

How can this guy be anticipated to make large choices for the rustic when he can’t even string a sentence in combination?

Biden spent Labor Day at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, far away from the death and destruction he helped arrange in Afghanistan, He went to the local union hall and gave out sandwiches to the super friendly union workers. He was maskless because he’s elite.

And on Monday night, Biden and EdD Jill traveled to Washington DC.

A reporter then asked him what will happen to the hostages in Afghanistan,  Joe Biden appeared “child-like,” and looks completely out and confused and he just asked her, “What will happen to them?” in response.

Unfortunately, Biden’s psychological problems aren’t new, and this newest scenario might be his maximum disoriented but, and some of the scariest issues that any American can see.

Here are some comments from the folks online:

“Just a feeble old man. Dying from a lingering existence, making us all suffer.”

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to choose which one that I despise the most… Bidumb, Obeyme, Nasty Nancy, Schumer the Human Tumor, Kameltoe, Pukahontas, The Jihad Squad or The Hildabeast. Sorta sounds like a bunch of Batman villain rejects.”

“Notice how he uses the muzzle mask to hide what he’s saying. Very convenient.”

“Loser Joe. Known him for 20 something years, this is not even the same guy. He was always douche bag but he was mentally competent. He’s my neighbor in Greenville Delaware. I have a large field next to my house and I cut Maga into the grass last year. This year I have TRUMP WON spelled out in 70 foot tall letters across the whole field. I hope that SOB sees it every time he flies into town”

“Joe belongs in the west wing of a rest home. Illegitimate president”

“Joe only knows ice cream and mashed peas”

I can’t believe we’re all still sitting here pretending this man isn’t a complete and total mental mess.

And to think that we’re allowing this senile buffoon to represent us in this way is just shameful beyond words.

Watch it here:  Youtube/GOP War Room

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