America has been a free country ever since, and with technology, people with power had been taking advantage.

We can not truly imagine life without privacy, right? I mean, when the Government tried to take away our freedom over these sickening vaccines, we stood up and fight for our rights.

Remembering also when Snowden exposed the United States Government had been spying on us, we were all flustered.

Recently, Reports confirm that Walmart has been spying on us too when we shop at their stores. Creepy, right? But they claim that it is more of their marketing strategy.

Walmart claims that the new shopping carts will be able to track your pulse and it is also equipped with a weight-triggered push feature that makes it super easy to push around a cart loaded to the brim with heavy, expensive items, to make you feel light spending more money than you have planned. Wise, huh?

They also say that includes a safety feature that can alert store associates if a shopper is about to pass out and injure him or herself, well, from the point, you can it’s a good thing, right? But Walmart is also planning to use audio recordings to listen to what you talk about while in the store. They plan to use this at checkout to monitor cashiers and customers. Now that is something bothering you, right?

If a giant retailer has the power to do these things, have you ever wondered what our Government is capable of?

Source: American Web Media

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