The last economy-destroying, COVID-positive nursing-home-packing, hypocritical, Democrat governor to lift restrictions on suffering Michiganders is What Gretchen Whitmer is.

Two of the Democrat governors who are part of the trio of terror against their states’ citizens announced with great fanfare yesterday, with the help of the dishonest mainstream media, that COVID restrictions on their citizens would be lifted.

In an ongoing game with Michigan citizens’ lives and livelihoods, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer indicated today that she would be willing to eliminate tyrannical limitations imposed on citizens prior to July 1st.

Whitmer, who is up for re-election in 2022, can ill afford to continue to ruin her state’s economy by keeping residents locked down and government workers on the dole without suffering huge blowback in her effort to keep power.

Restaurant owners across Michigan are waiting on tables and seated clients, trying to keep what’s left of the business they created from the ground up. Finding waitstaff, bartenders, hosts, and bussers is nearly impossible for restaurant and bar owners who have been hammered the hardest by their iron-fisted governors’ insane restrictions. As a result, restaurant workers in Michigan, like those in other states led by Democrats, are collecting large paychecks to stay at home. Instead of working, they’re taking long paid vacations, all paid for by the American taxpayer.

The worst governor in the country Gretchen Whitmer, when it comes to breaking her own regulations, laughing in the face of people who challenge her poor judgment or totalitarian actions, which have ruined businesses and lives across the Great Lakes state.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whose back is against the wall as a result of Governor Cuomo and Governor Newsom’s declarations that their states would reopen, issued a statement today suggesting that she would reopen the state.

Whitmer informed the press, “So, stay tuned…”

It’s highly likely that Whitmer already knows what she’ll do, she appears to be delaying the state’s reopening in order to give her another chance to face the media as they eagerly await news of the powerful Whitmer and her grandiose announcement that, after wrecking her state, she’ll finally be freeing her subjects.

As if she’s playing some sick PR game with Michigan residents’ lives and livelihoods.


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