While looking for another job, it is clear that Obama can not use the military as a reference. Here’s how our military feels about how he performed as Commander in Chief. OUCH!

VIA| One of a president’s most important titles is commander in chief, and those whom he has been commanding have given him a less-than-stellar evaluation. A new survey showed that a majority of U.S. service members had an “unfavorable” view of President Obama and his eight years in the White House, according to Fox News.

In an online survey of 1,664 active-duty respondents, Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families found that 51.5 percent of service members had an unfavorable view of Obama’s presidency, Military Times reported.

Among the concerns expressed were troop levels being cut to a historic low and the president’s decision to withdraw combat troops from Iraq, essentially making America less safe.

Seventy-one percent said the military needed more personnel than authorized by Obama in conjunction with Congress, according to U.S. News. A clear majority said Obama’s withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq and Afghanistan have made America less safe.

These numbers reflect the military presidential vote: Nearly 49 percent of service members who voted in the November election cast their ballots for President-elect Donald Trump, while only 29 percent voted for former Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Obama, unsurprisingly, disagreed with the argument that tighter budgets have ruined the services.

“Our Army, tested by years of combat, is the best-trained and best-equipped land force on the planet,” he told Military Times. “Our Navy is the largest and most lethal in the world … Our Coast Guard is the finest in the world.”

Believing something is true just because you think it is called “magical thinking.” It is appropriate for 4-year-olds and crazy people, but not leaders of the free world.


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