More than 100,000 Georgians are due to be removed from the state’s voter registration rolls unless they respond quickly, based on John Solomon and Just the News.

Officials from the state informed Channel 2 News that the withdrawals are mandated by law, and that voter rolls must  occur every two years.

This a voter purge according to the critics.

The Channel 2 in Atlanta reported that more than 18,000 people were removed because they were no longer alive; the majority of these invalid voters went to the post office and filled out change of address paperwork. Mail delivered to their listed addresses was returned to some of them

It has been taking heat for Brad Raffensperger role in the fraudulent Georgia election and still refuses to hold an audit.

“These people don’t live in Georgia anymore,” according to him, “Then you have 18,000 people who passed. So they are not going to be voting anymore. You need to have accurate voter rolls and proper list maintenance. It also helps your county election directors.”

The NAACP in Atlanta and other different groups are keeping a close eye on this move for disenfranchisement.

“We already have lawyers on standby, I am on standby, just in case we have to file litigation. So we are going to be watching this, and we will respond if we believe voters have been disenfranchised.” Gerald Griggs with the Atlanta NAACP stated.

According to the site, Georgia has recently joined the nonpartisan Electronic Registration Information Center, which, according to Raffensperger, includes 30 other states,

“Will allow them to update the registration status of people who move out of state on a monthly basis, instead of every two years.”

How many of these 18,000+ deceased registered voters voted in 2020 while they were still alive?

How many of the 100,000+ voters in 2020 were phantom voters?

According to Raffensperger, “You need to have accurate voter rolls and proper list maintenance. It also helps your county election directors.”

However, the crooked Secretary of State refuses to conduct a comprehensive forensic audit to ensure that the rolls are accurate, up to date, and free of fraud.

11,779 votes, Trump “lost” Georgia.

In 2020, how many dead people voted for Joe Biden?


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