French Church Atrocity Made Possible by Suicidal Immigration & Gun Laws


AmmoLandThe conditions that allowed this atrocity to happen in France are exactly the same as what the Democrats are trying to set up here.

“Islamist knifemen forced priest, 84, to kneel and filmed his death as they slit his throat,” the Daily Mail reported Tuesday. “[J]ihadists storm French church during Mass chanting ‘Allahu Akbar.’”

Socialist French President Francois Hollande declared France “at war with ISIS.” The Vatican condemned the killing of the priest and the critical injuring of a nun as “barbaric.” Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for the response to be “merciless.”

That would be the same Hollande who extolled the “benefits of immigration,” and warned against listening to “scaremongers and prophets of doom.” That would be the same Vatican that condemn[ed] EU leaders’ efforts to shut out refugees.”

Outrageously (but sadly, unsurprisingly), one of the attackers was a known extremist, out on bail “after twice attempting to join fanatics in Syria,” and wearing an electronic monitoring tag.

Even when they know of a threat, government repeatedly fails spectacularly in its primary duty of protecting life, liberty and property. And it doubles down on that failure by forbidding citizens to protect themselves from the conditions it makes both predictable and inevitable.

“The regulation of guns in France is categorised as restrictive,”, an anti-gun globalist project of the Sydney School of Public Health advises. There’s a “genuine reason” requirement, licensing, background checks, registration, selective gun bans to include handguns, ammunition and firearm limits, and a host of other infringements. Carrying is strictly limited to that which is sanctioned for official reasons.

The people attending the mass were forbidden by law from being armed and capable of intervening, and conditioned against being responsible for their own protection and protection of others anyway. It took agents of the state, arriving after the fact, to take the two killers down – with guns.

And that’s the way President Hollande likes it. After all, he’s got his taxpayer–funded bodyguards, Clouseau-like though they may be, as he oversees a policy that arms Syrian rebels while demand[ing] a complete overhaul of Europe’s lax gun controls.”

Likewise, Pope Francis, who benefits from the protection of both high walls to keep “migrants” out of his city-state, as well as the heavily-armed Swiss Guard, says those who supply his armed detail can’t call themselves Christian.” And Sarkozy was notoriously anti-gun, against the private ownership of firearms,” warning that self-defense was dangerous.

It’s France, though, right? If, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Nice and this they still want to pursue insane, suicidal policies, we can feel bad for their foolishness, but what does it really have to do with us?

Aside from the fact that those are the same policies being pursued by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats?

She has pledged to continue Obama’s subversive welcoming of more unvettable Islamist “refugees” while simultaneously plotting French-style citizen disarmament under the lying guise of “common sense gun safety.”

Meanwhile, the citizen disarmament lobby strategists and their useful idiots continue to disparage and oppose the only thing that has a chance of deterring a similar church attack here. And that’s something would-be Islamic terrorists actually brag about being able to exploit.

Source: AmmoLand


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