Teenage Prostitute Who Slept With Cops Sues City, And WINS Obscene Amount Of Money…

In a shocking turn of events, the city of Oakland has awarded nearly a million dollars to a former streetwalker named Jasmine Abuslin. The 19-year-old was at the center of a sex scandal that has rocked the city’s police force.

More than two dozen officers were implicated in the controversy, accused of taking advantage of Abuslin under some pretty bizarre circumstances. Buckle up, because this story gets pretty strange pretty quick!

10. The Whole Matter Was Set Off In The Aftermath Of An Officer’s Suicide


Though the events in question took place more than three years ago in 2014, they weren’t brought to light until 2015 after Brendan O’Brien, a member of the Oakland Police Department, committed suicide. O’Brien’s suicide was a direct result of Abuslin contacting police to share allegations of sexual misconduct. Though O’Brien’s suicide was shocking, it was nothing compared to the insanity that would follow.

9. Social Media Is Sealing The Tomb Of Several Oakland Officers


The daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher, Jasmine Abuslin claimed to have had sex with more than a dozen officers. Though the reports were initially met with skepticism, Abuslin had concrete proof of her liaisons with the police officers. Unbeknownst to the officers she was seeing, Abuslin had kept copies of texts sent back and forth on Facebook Messenger.

The crimes she recorded have shocked the Oakland area.

8. One Officer Was ‘Actually Pimping Her Like A Pimp Would Do’


According to the former prostitute, one member of the Oakland police force was — in his own words — “actually pimping her like a pimp would do.” According to Abuslin, Officer Brian Bunton rented hotels for her to have sex with officers and coached her on how to be a better prostitute.

Of course, that was only a fraction of the lawbreaking going on.

7. Bunton Actually Helped Abuslin Skirt Police On More Than One Occasion


At present, Bunton is being charged by Oakland Police with obstruction of justice because recorded Facebook messages show him giving Abuslin specific tips on how to avoid the cops. Apparently, Bunton would let her know when and where prostitution stings would be happening so that she could effectively avoid trouble.

These maneuvers helped keep Abuslin free for more than two years, during which time she was paid in some interesting ways.

6. Compensated In Cheetos And Alcohol


From the time that she was 16 onward, Jasmine Abuslin had a number of lurid encounters with the police. She had sex with several officers in hotel rooms throughout the city. In addition, she visited one former officer at his motor home, and even had sex with a police officer in his squad car. For these encounters, she was occasionally paid in cash. For the most part, however, she was compensated in junk food, alcohol, and dinners.

5. Police Attempted To Get Abuslin Into Rehab For Drug Addiction


In August of 2016, following some of her original complaints to authorities, the police moved Jasmine Abuslin across the country to a drug rehabilitation facility in Florida. While the officers claimed that Abuslin had a debilitating addiction, the 19-year-old girl’s lawyers have claimed that the girl suffers from no such issues and that the transition to rehab was nothing short of a case of witness tampering.

Her time in the facility proved immediately difficult.

4. Abuslin Was Almost Arrested For Felony Assault Three Days Into Rehab


Just three short days into her stint in a Florida drug rehabilitation facility, Abuslin was charged with biting a security guard. Originally, the young woman was charged with felony aggravated battery (a charge that could have seen her land up to 15 years in prison). Once her situation was explained to the authorities in Florida, however, the charges were downgraded to a misdemeanor.

That was bad new for several police officers in Oakland …

3. Jasmine Abuslin Has Contributed To Incredible Turmoil At The Oakland Police Department


It would be nice to think that the cabal of officers who’d slept with Jasmine Abuslin were the only rotten apples at the Oakland Police Department. Unfortunately, the Abuslin case has combined with a brewing scandal involving racist texts to see not one, not two, but three police chiefs resign in disgrace over the course of a week.

2. Seven Current And Former Officers Have Been Indicted As A Result


In addition to Bunton, six more Oakland officers have been charged. Ricardo Perez and Giovani LoVerde were apparently both indicted for felony oral sex with a minor. Tyrell Smith and Warit Utappa were brought up on charges related to illegal searching for information on Abuslin. A former police officer named Leroy Johnson is looking at prison time for failure to report sexual misconduct when Abuslin supposedly revealed that she was having sex with some of his colleagues.

The scandal continues to grow, though Abuslin is looking to move on.

1. The Settlement Is A Chance For Abuslin To Overcome The Trauma Of Her Experience


Though Abuslin originally asked the city for more than $60 million dollars, reports indicate that Abuslin was happy to accept an ultimate payout came up to $989,000. Said Oakland Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan, “It is time to pay the settlement agreement to let this young woman get on with her life and her healing, but also for Oakland to step up and change the culture in the police department and change how we recruit and train our officers.”


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