Featuring Joe’s unpopular, unlikeable, cackling sidekick Kamala, where another strange situation unfolds…

The Bumbling Joe’s convalescent home, AKA “The White House, it seems like every day there’s always a new “weird” thing happening. Or maybe I should say, “strange things NOT happening” at the White House – because that’s what this latest incident is about.

Usually,  strange things always involve Joe, but it’s not always the case until we uncover the real truth behind his unpopular, unlikeable, cackling sidekick Kamala.

And today was just another classic event that is going on in The White House.

Just this morning, Kamala Harris, at her “VP” residence, was the person who greeted German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Well, another bizarre moment unfolded away from the White House.

Kamala Harris was the person who greeted and hosted a head of state, For the THIRD time now.

And why is that happening?

Here are some people’s theories on why this keeps happening:

“We know why…everyone in the world knows why this happening”

“He has his good days and his bad days.”

“Old Joe hasn’t taken his meds this early in the morning. Besides, he needs his two scoops of ice cream before starting in the afternoon.”

“We all know “why” it’s happening, the fact that it IS happening is what’s so concerning.”

“It’s only 9:30 in the morning. Joe’s still sleeping.”

“Because she’s the President”

“Jill has to get him dressed and give him his pudding and ice cream?”

“Bc he’s not hooked up to his machines yet”

“Grooming a political failure-in-motion.”

“Wow, she can’t speak to anyone for 30 seconds without that witch laugh.”

“Heels up Harris can “butter” them up before he goes in stuttering like a fool…?”

Harris and Biden are at ‘war’ right now, there are a lot of rumors floating around.

Kamala has that look of so-called “authority” that she’s reportedly craving, so, these types of moments can be placation for her.

I think it’s partly that…

But, I also think that Joe is unable to be up and about that early, and Kamala had to greet Merkel, or she’d be standing outside the White House for hours, waiting for someone to let her in.

Sources: WayneDupree, Estonia.bpositivenow

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