It seems the puppet is no longer useful and more people have been cancelling his shows. So Dems are to the rescue,  switch puppets must be done otherwise it will be the end for their party.

This is what they call a CRISIS move…

We have been hearing this ‘swap’ thing for a while now, but it has yet to happen. Sources say it should happen any day now.

Well, we need to prepare for this show and ready our popcorns. It will be entertaining for sure… They are a bunch of stand up comedians posing in government offices.

However, if we talk about how Joe handling the situation… Well, let’s start with COVID – Biden had a plan and somehow failed, and when it comes to handling the situation in bloody Afghanistan withdrawal – total disaster. His ratings are down and we all know why.

Biden is pretty close to the “30s” nationally. Most states have him in the low 30s and as if this wasn’t enough, Team Obama turns on him, too. They are all aware of Biden’s failure and declining health.

Now we have Harris’ latest “crisis move.”

Excerpt from Breibart reports:

Kamala Harris has hired two public relations gurus to repair her “long-term planning” outlook.

Lorraine Voles, dubbed a “crisis communications expert,” and former Obama speechwriter Adam Frankel, who worked with the vice president during the presidential transition, have experience drumming up public relations constructs for the White House and the business community.

The White House told the Examiner the two “offered to be of assistance” and will concentrate on “organizational development, strategic communications, and long-term planning.” The White House did not note how long Harris would need the crisis management team but said the two “are on temporary assignment.”

These new “crisis” hires come as Kamala’s polling numbers are below 50 percent – but still several points higher than Joe’s.

Her handling of the border and how she went AWOL during Afghanistan hurt her – but to be honest, she’s never been “popular.”

Kamala has the likeability of Hillary Clinton, and the “cackle” that matches. There’s a reason why she had to drop out of the Dem primary – nobody liked her then, and they certainly don’t like her now.

So you have to ask yourself – why on earth at month 9, are they focusing so heavily on Kamala, and bringing in a “crisis PR” team?

Sources: Waynedupree, Uelresins, Breitbart


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