Show Me The So-Called ‘White Privilege’

A friend, whom I’ve known since high school recently said to me that “I have no idea what it is like or how it makes white people feel to be constantly labeled racist and privileged.”

The fact is that I do know what it is like because I know what it is like to have things said about you that are ignorant and frequently knowingly untrue. White people as a whole are hardly the picture of privilege that the white liberal social and cultural-Marxists along with their black minions claim.

You may ask, why are blacks indoctrinated and pressured to view whites with such negativity? What is the benefit of such indoctrination? Why are white liberal social and cultural-Marxists who masquerade as educators, the media, and the informed, predisposed to hate white people apart from those who mirror themselves? Just what privilege do whites enjoy that all legal Americans do not regardless of melanin content?

I have written many times pursuant to the historicity and incursion of racial animus toward whites by blacks in America. While the greater responsibility for same must be credited to Lenin and W.E.B. du Bois at the beginning of the 20th century – the evidence of how the philosophical heterodoxies of 17th, 18th, and 19th century philosophers metastasized and then transmogrified into an orthodoxy used to subvert established mores cannot be denied.

When Lenin peered across the ocean to America and stated that blacks were a revolutionary class people, he found in du Bois a willing subject eager to become an evangelist of Communism. In fact, du Bois took Lenin’s conviction a step further and said blacks were a people ripe for revolution.

As I’ve also noted: “Communists prey upon dysfunction and anger; where none exists, it is created and fomented. Leninism is built upon egalitarianism, class conflict and dialectical materialism, embroidered in a cheap synthetic fabric of social progress. And none have been led further astray and/or suffered more because of same than blacks. Communism was the perfect elixir to exploit downtrodden blacks easily blinded by resentment and fear.” (How Communists Co-Opted Black America; 2/6/2012)

Notwithstanding, the amalgamation of dysfunction and anger with an inculcated mentality of disenfranchisement born out of the self-inflicted victimology of self-alienation that denies and rejects modernity, in and of itself, still does not explain the motivations of cultural-Marxists.

It doesn’t explain why whites are singled out for blame as they are. Three reasons to consider are: 1) Communism, Socialism, Marxism, et al require an oppressor to accuse; 2) the white liberal social and cultural-Marxists are themselves, in their core beings the true oppressors, bigots, and racists, so they attempt to assuage their guilt by blaming others; 3) in order to ordain themselves as plenipotentiaries they must suppress the truth and ensure a zeitgeist of hostility and distrust between peoples.

Those attacking whites as privileged and racist, are themselves ignorant/evil and myopic. Native Americans were in North America before those who founded the United States – but could they have built America without the European settlers? Could they have developed vaccines and inoculations? What about factories, automobiles/airplanes, hospitals, and schools, ad nauseum? If Africans had not been hunted by other Africans as natural resources, treated as commodities, and then sold to Muslims as a domestic product, who in turn sold them as slaves including in the New World – where would the “I’m African-American and I hate white people” crowd be today?

It was white Europeans who founded America and established a Nation where all who sought freedom could come and have opportunity to succeed beyond the generation before them.

Slavery was evil but neither whites nor America invented slavery lest we overlook what it was that Moses led the Israelites out of when they fled Egypt. America, specifically whites in America, had the good sense and decency to abolish slavery and race-based segregation.

How many so-called black churches are supporting missionaries and/or have members who are on foreign missionary fields reaching the indigenous for Christ? How many so-called black churches have raised their own money and used it to buy Africans out of slavery and work to bring them to America?

White Americans, regardless of slavery and Jim Crow, fought segregationists to keep America free for every citizen. The white liberal social and cultural-Marxists seek to alienate and subjugate people intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. I digress to say: even during Jim Crow the breadth of antipathy by whites was neither the pandemic nor the systemic it is with blacks coast-to-coast today.

The idea that whites have privilege that persons of color supposedly do not is a damnable heresy designed and intended to obfuscate the truth. Said truth being that willfully bad decisions are not without adverse consequences, and also to hide the fact that the “its because I’m/you’re black” government overreach has in many instances generationally reduced the self-initiative, self-determination, propriety, and moral clarity of the majority of a single demographic of people.


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