During his 8 years in office, there has been a lot of speculation that Barack Obama never did qualify for presidency. Now, Sheriff Joe has done some investigating of his own, and claims to have two bombshell sources that prove Obama’s birth certificate is indeed- FAKE.

VIA| In the hour-long presentation, Arpaio’s lead investigator, Mike Zullo, made the case that the certificate was created from a “source” document: the birth certificate of Hawaiian Johanna Ah Nee, who was born within weeks of Obama in August 1961.

The Ah Nee document was originally obtained from investigative journalist Jerome Corsi, the author of several books and a contributor to the website World Net Daily.

According to Zullo, two separate forensic expert sources from two continents — Reed Hayes from Hawaii and the For Lab team in Italy — reviewed the Obama certificate and concluded it was not authentic.


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