Sanders Supporters Throw Cash at Hillary’s Motorcade En Route to High-Priced Fundraiser

Actor George Clooney had a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton this weekend, one that later made him admit that there is “an obscene amount of money” surrounding the machinations of American politics. Clinton, herself, appeared at the event, and protesters had a peculiar way of greeting her upon arrival.

Howard Gold is Clooney’s next-door neighbor, and he held a $27-per-person fundraiser for Bernie Sanders that night in a counter event to Clinton’s $353,000.00-per-couple event.

Gold’s family founded the 99 Cents Only chain, and as part of the festivities, he gave one-thousand $1 bills to approximately 100 attendees to throw at Clinton’s entourage as they drove up.

Gold said the protest was meant to lampoon campaign finance laws, and judging by his email invite, he made it a prominent theme of the night.

“Swimming pools, Movie Stars, and merriment for all! This is happening right next door to Clooney’s party for Hillary!” the letter said, while adding “no one [will be] turned away for a lack of funds.”

Watch below, via CNN’s Dan Merica.


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