You can always tell when someone is being groomed for more responsibility. They usually end up being put in charge of something big that the boss would normally be in charge of.

I remember seeing this a lot when I was in the military. You would have someone that would be about to get a promotion that would then give them more authority and responsibility. They would then be tested as it were, to see if they will be able to handle the new things that they will be put in charge of.

How does this translate to Joe Biden? Well, we all know that the only reason that he was elected so that the Democrats would be able to lie their way into power. Then, with Biden there, nothing says that he cannot literally resign at any time and give Kamala the keys to the house…

Matt Gaetz says that it appears to him that the Democrats are already transitioning away from Joe Biden and are getting closer to replacing him with Kamala Harris. I agree.

It appears that Democrats see the handwriting on the wall and they can no longer hide the fact that Joe Biden is not playing with a full deck. They already have Harris handling the phone calls with the leaders of foreign countries.

They do not want foreign leaders to comment on the conversations with Joe Biden calling into question his cognitive abilities.

Even with handlers right next to him, they do not feel confident that he deal to handle it and he has no basement to hide away in. they won’t even allow him to talk to the press.

He is the first president to fail to hold a press conference within his first 33 days in office.

Gaetz said: “I think it is reasonable to ask if the transition to Harris has already begun.”

“With Biden pushing her to meet with more world leaders, with Democrats on the Armed Services Committee sending a letter to Biden wanting to diminish his ability to have full control over the nuclear arsenal, you know, we are seeing a Joe Biden who I think is diminished.”

“When you look at the procedures underway, it would not be unreasonable to think that we won’t see Joe Biden as a candidate in 2024. We’ll see Kamala Harris running for election as the incumbent.”

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