Man, don’t you miss this guy? Luckily we have a President that is perhaps the closest to Reagan we’re ever going to have, therefore I am hopeful. Not only was he a wonderful man, he was hilariously matter of fact. Let us remind you just how funny he was with this CLASSIC joke he told about democrats. Enjoy!

VIA| Remember when we had an real leader in the White House who would speak the truth like this?

Transcript below:

“There was once upon a time that to be a republican in this area in this area of the country felt a little bit like being Gary Cooper in High Noon. Outnumbered in a big way.

But I remember the story about a fella who was running for office as a republican. And he was in a rural area that wasn’t known to be a republican area and he stopped by a farm to do some campaigning.

And when the farmer heard he was a republican his jaw dropped and he said wait right here while I go get Ma. She’s never seen a republican before. So he got her. And the candidate looked around for a podium from which to give his speech.

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