Last week after President Biden, Left-wing activists, and the national media spent weeks peddling lies about Georgia’s new voting law disproportionately impacting people of color, Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Rob Manfred caved to the radical mob and decided to move this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

Manfred’s decision will cost Atlanta, a city with a 51 percent black population, an estimated $100 million in economic losses. The game will now be held in Denver, Colorado, a city that is only 9 percent black. Colorado has even stricter election laws than Georgia. As dumb a decision as this was, no one should be scratching their heads wondering how this could have happened.

With a triple-digit IQ that over the last few years the top officials at MLB, the National Football League (NLF), and the National Basketball Association (NBA), have decided to go Woke and alienate a big chunk of their paying audience by giving in to the cries for social justice and cowering to the leftist Woke Supremacy. It is not quite a mystery to anyone.

“Silence in the face of injustice is unacceptable,” Sam Kennedy, the Red Sox President and CEO said last year in the wake of the George Floyd protests. In addition to now displaying “Black Lives Matter” on the bleacher seats and on the Green Monster at Fenway Park, Kennedy and the Red Sox have created a “Social Justice, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Committee” that seeks to conduct a “bias audit” of its HR policies, “enhanc[e] ballpark messaging related to racial and social justice causes,” and partner “with an organization with expertise in racial equity and restorative justice.” Many teams have taken similar actions.

Sports network ESPN has seen their ratings plummet after going Woke for a long time now. In June 2020, the Woke sports network saw the lowest ratings it has ever had in 41 years, their entire existence. It’s hard to fathom that a sports network became more ideologically leftist than CNN and the left-wing conspiracy network MNBC combined, but it did. In some of their programming, they completely abandoned sports coverage. My point is the result of going Woke is they are going broke as viewers who up to that point were willing to watch ESPN during the COVID pandemic since there was limited sports activity everywhere in the world, they have now abandoned the network. Needless to say, the network went into panic mode. I’m talking full-on crisis mode level awfulness.

And now the sports business world may also come to regret their decisions to go Woke because they too are alienating large numbers of fans. People are bombarded with left-wing political crap day in and day out, and it is in every facet of their lives. You can’t go to school, go to work, shop online, or do most of anything else without being hit in the face with left-wing politics these days. Social media is the playground of the Woke Supremacy, where social justice warriors have a rigged system created by the leftist tech tyrants.

People loved sports because none of the leftist gobbledygook was found there. Instead of constantly being told America is evil and unfair and that our society is systemically racist and all the other nonsense of mentally ill racial agitators, sports was the one place left where God-given talent and hard work won the day. It was the last place in America with an even playing field, and that attracts Americans. And now the Left ruined sports too, the impact of which is already being felt.

After the MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game to Colorado, Atlanta Braves fans are already asking for refunds on season tickets. In 2020, all the major sports leagues saw their TV rating spiral down. You can’t really blame COVID totally for this because when regular television shows were affected by the pandemic lockdowns and there were more people staying home than ever before, sports viewership should have risen, but instead, it went the other way.

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