If the past five years have taught us anything, it’s that liberals support selective enforcement of the law.

They will lash out against Republicans and white people for the smallest violation, while they consistently downplay or dismiss grave transgressions done by Democrats or people of color.

A one glaring example is the charges against Black Lives Matter rioters and looters who terrorized New York City this summer to “protest” George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis police custody were dropped.

The left’s continued advocacy of huge illegal immigration, which has resulted in a border crisis unlike any other, is one another example.

On Tuesday, the Democrat-controlled city of Portland, Oregon, stated that it will no longer enforce certain traffic laws, such as expired plates and malfunctioning headlights, after establishing those black people disproportionately violate them.

The goal of selective law enforcement, according to Mayor Ted Wheeler, is to “increase equity” and “reducing racial disparities.”

Even while black individuals make up only 6% of Portland’s population, they account for 18% of traffic stops, according to officials.

The Portland Police Bureau further handcuffed by the mayor, by ordering officers to get consent from drivers during traffic stops before searching their vehicles and saying cops must inform suspects they have the right to refuse.

In response to protests from black Portland residents, Wheeler said on Twitter that he is institutionalizing selective enforcement of the law.

Line of reasoning, using Wheeler’s “equity”, the United States should stop enforcing all laws because black people commit a disproportionate quantity of specific crimes, according to FBI statistics.

Black Lives Matter was criticized on Twitter in March after it supposedly tweeted a pie chart demonstrating that black Americans, who make up 13% of the US population, commit 52% of all crimes.

The image failed because it was supposedly intended to support the concept that black people are a low-crime group.

Portland‘s selective enforcement of its laws is troubling for several reasons, not the least of which is that it compromises public safety.

All kidding aside, Portland’s selective enforcement of its rules is concerning for a variety of reasons, the most serious of which is that it jeopardizes public safety.

In the name of establishing “equity,” the action also fosters a dangerous slippery slope where laws against more serious crimes, such as rape and murder, could eventually be repealed.

This suggests that crimes committed disproportionately by white people will continue to be punished essentially, but certain crimes will be ignored if they’re disproportionately committed by black people.

Black students score lower because the standardized test is “racist,” it’s similar to how some colleges no longer consider the SAT in admissions amid complaints. This is astonishingly stupid, racist, and frightening.
This ridiculous allegation is mirrored in the contentious movement advocating critical race theory indoctrination in schools, which claims meritocracy is a “white supremacist” concept.

CRT advocates say that judging people on their merits rather than their race or skin color is a “white supremacist” ideal.

Pretty soon there will be no rules or standards for anything anymore, If we allow the clownish advancement of “equity” (instead of equality) to pervade every institution.

If extrapolated to extremes (which is where we’re headed), this could mean that:

  • Anyone can drive a car without a driver’s license.
  • Anyone can vote without being eligible.
  • Anyone can perform surgery without a medical degree.
  • Anyone can come into your house without owning it.
  • Anyone can be president without being duly elected.

Sources: westernjournal.com, nbcnews.com, ucr.fbi.gov

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