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Senior Facebook Employee That Blocked #PizzaGate, Busted Trying To Solicit Unprotected S*x From Underage Girl

Facebook has been a battleground for conservatives and liberals alike in the quest to find honest news. Facebook has been hard at work making sure conservative news doesn't get past it's origional writer, and that liberal news floods timelines in some sort of bizarre attempt to shelter the American people from the corrupt government. But who are these guys on Facebook that are doing this? and why? Well we have the answer, and they are NOT good people.
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Grizzly Viciously Attacks Man On Live TV

If you going to do a segment on how dangerous wild animals can be...you probably shouldn't dress up the wild animal in a silly costume and film him. Not a very bright bunch...are they? Anyway, it made for some good entertainment!
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Watch As Queen Elizabeth Humiliates President Obama In Front Of The Whole World

There are not many people fond of our now former President, Barack Obama. That much is clear, and incredibly easy to understand. Earlier this week he claimed that if he had ran in this election, he would have beat Donald Trump. We find that completely absurd, considering the Queen of England doesn't even respect you enough to make a trip see you..or to engage in your toast. Not to mention nearly the entire nation voted conservative. This dude is delusional.