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Obama’s Climate Conference Trip Cost Taxpayers Nearly $3 MILLION

Article source - Law Newz

Article source – Law Newz

Secret Service and Air Force records obtained by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch detailed the expenses related to President Barack Obama‘s attendance at the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference.

According to the records, Secret Service charges and flights added up to $2,976,296.20. And that doesn’t even include expenses for Secret Service meals, meeting rooms, or cabinet members’ travel and catering.

Obama-airplane-e1469542238504The conference lasted from November 30 to December 12, 2015, and the Secret Service expense report says they spent $706,065 on hotels alone. They stayed at a number of hotels, including the Hilton Astor, Marriott Ambassador, Marriott Rive Gauche, Mercure Tour Eiffel, and the InterContinental Paris Le Grand.

Air travel expenses were listed as $1,652,124.60, $1,404,927.00 of which was for 14.4 hours of use of Air Force One, but just $247,197.60 for 15.6 hours of a C-32A jet. Additional costs included $531,598 in vehicle rentals and $652 for renting a copier.

In 2013, the Hawaii Reporter estimated that a 17-day vacation on the islands for the president and his family cost more than $4 million.

So far, President Obama has racked up $82 million in travel expenses while in office. While Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton harped on Obama for “wasteful and unnecessary presidential travel that abuses the taxpayers, the military, and the U.S. Secret Service,” it should be noted that this particular trip was not for vacation.

In defense of President Obama’s time spent on vacation, democrats often criticize President George W. Bush on how he took 879 days of vacation while in office. According to Mark Knoller of CBS News, as of December 2015 Obama had taken only 177 vacation days.

What democrats fail to mention is how by the same time during Bush’s presidency, he had spent 480 days in visits to family homes in Texas and Maine which didn’t cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.


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