The Chinese state, US medical elites, and fake news have been pushing the story that the Wuhan virus moved from bats to humans at one of the city’s wet markets for over a year.

Despite sponsoring chain of function research in Wuhan with US taxpayer dollars, Dr. Fauci ran with this talking point for over a year. The US was supporting China to generate dangerous viruses that could then be deployed in devastating bio-attacks, thanks to Fauci. That is exactly what happened, and for a year, Dr. Fauci and the media lied about it.

A large majority of Americans believed that the coronavirus was most likely generated in a lab, despite the best effort by Dr. Fauci and fake news.

Today in The War Room with Steve Bannon, pollster Richard Baris delivered his results – Over 70% of Americans believe COVID was created in a laboratory in some way.

According to the Forbes key facts:

Roughly 46% of U.S. adults think Covid originated with a lab leak, a Morning Consult survey found, while 26% believe the virus began naturally, and 28% say they don’t know or have no opinion.

The poll of 2,200 adults, which was conducted June 4-7, shows Americans are starkly divided along party lines on the question: a whopping 70% of Republicans believe in the lab leak theory, while just 41% of independents and 32% of Democrats say the same.

The party split is reversed when it comes to the natural spread theory: 40% of Democrats think Covid originated naturally, while 22% of independents and just 11% of Republicans also agree.

Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority of Americans lack trust in the Chinese government and the Wuhan Institute of Virology—the lab some suspect to be the origin of the leak—to be “transparent and honest about the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Just 17% of Americans say they have some or a lot of trust in the Chinese government, while 21% say the same about the Wuhan lab.

More than half of Americans have trust in the World Health Organization (56%) and U.S. intelligence agencies (55%) to be forthcoming about the origin of Covid-19.

29%. That’s the percentage of Americans who believed Covid-19 came from a lab in a Pew study released last April. Most of the respondents who believed in the lab theory said they thought it was intentionally released from a lab (26%), while just 6% said it accidentally leaked. A plurality of respondents (43%) said it came about naturally.

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