On Thursday, Mitch McConnell reminded AOC is pretending to be a Democrat of influence but as recent events over Gaza have shown, she and her little pals are considered a fringe element.

According to FNC:

“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., slammed New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday, arguing that she can’t even sell her far-left agenda to her own party. McConnell told ‘America’s Newsroom’ that Ocasio-Cortez’s agenda ‘is not in the middle,’ adding that he doesn’t believe she can ‘sell her agenda’ to the Democrat party, nor find any appeal from Republicans. McConnell made the comments reacting to a tweet where Ocasio-Cortez warned that time is precious, reminding fellow Democrats that the majorities they enjoy in the House and Senate might not last. In a series of Twitter messages on Wednesday, the lawmaker from New York suggested that an untimely death among Democrats could cost the party its slim Senate advantage even sooner than the 2022 midterm elections.”

AOC wrote, “Mitch McConnell and the Koch brothers are not worth setting the planet on fire for,I know some Dems may disagree with me, but that’s my unpopular opinion of the day.”

She continued, “During the Obama admin, folks thought we’d have a 60 Dem majority for a while. It lasted 4 months. Dems are burning precious time & impact negotiating w/GOP who won’t even vote for a Jan. 6 commission. McConnell’s plan is to run out the clock. It’s a hustle,” she concluded. “We need to move now.”

“Pres. Biden & Senate Dems should take a step back and ask themselves if playing patty-cake w GOP Senators is really worth the dismantling of people’s voting rights, setting the planet on fire, allowing massive corporations and the wealthy to not pay their fair share of taxes, etc.” She continued to babble.

“We had six major bills so far this year passed on a bipartisan basis where we worked together and we met in the middle. I don’t think she could sell her agenda to their own party, much less find it any kind of appeal for that on my side. To satisfy that particular member of Congress, I think the Democrats would have to have 60 votes in the Senate and all of them would have to be as far left as she is. I think her big complaint is with her own party.” McConnell then easily put her in her place.

According to McConnell, the Senate is “trying to get an outcome on infrastructure,” which is “popular on both sides of the aisle.” All we [Republicans] insisting on is that the infrastructure bill is about infrastructure and not a whole lot else, and for it to be paid for in a credible way. We haven’t given up hope that we’ll be able to achieve on something really important for the country that we really need to get done, which is a significant infrastructure bill,” McConnell said, emphasizing that “it will have to be done on a bipartisan basis.”

Sources: Waynedupree.com, lifezette.com.

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