On Thursday, “The View” co-host Meghan McCain blasted House leaders of both parties after tensions erupted the day before over the lower chamber’s select committee on the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Conservatives responded to a backlash after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blocked two of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) selections for a January 6 committee.

McCarthy’s decision to pull all of his other picks in response to Pelosi’s move was also addressed.

On Thursday’s episode of “The View,” McCain said that they both should have done more to work together.

“Am I allowed to think all of this is gross and bad? Cause that’s how I feel about all of it,” Mccain said.

McCain said, “I think this is why Americans are so disgusted and overwhelmed with the vast majority of what happens on Capitol Hill, and you don’t have to believe me, there are statistics done by pollsters everywhere that show Congress is at its lowest historical approval rating ever, and I think part of the problem is Nancy Pelosi better start getting something done with the other side, because her time in power is coming to an end fast and furiously.”

“These two people have to learn how to work together. Republicans and Democrats have to learn to live together.”

McCain added, “Everyone on Capitol Hill, no matter which party, should be putting politics behind them, because it is very serious, and no one wants anything like it to happen again, and they all need to start acting like adults and not like pathetic bureaucrats, because elections come and these people will be voted out. Maybe the generation before mine will let these … Boomers just continue to get nothing done. But I promise you, other generations coming up will not.”

Pelosi stated her January 6 Select Committee will go forward despite Republican “antics,” according to The Daily Wire, referring to McCarthy’s decision to pull GOP participation from the committee after she refused to seat two of his five picks.

The Daily Wire reported that After Pelosi’s decision to block two of McCarthy’s choices, “McCarthy simply yanked Republican participation, imperiling the legitimacy of Pelosi’s eventual findings, casting the Democrats Select Committee as a ‘sham process.’”

In a statement, McCarthy said, “This represents an egregious abuse of power and will irreparably damage this institution, denying the voices of members who have served in the military and law enforcement, as well as leaders of standing committees, has made it undeniable that this panel has lost all legitimacy and credibility, and shows the Speaker is more interested in playing politics than seeking the truth.”

McCarthy told reporters, “Unless Speaker Pelosi reverses course and seats all five Republican nominees, Republicans will not be party to their sham process and will instead pursue our own investigation of the facts.”

Per Axios, Pelosi said, “Of the three [McCarthy picks] that I appointed, one of them voted against the ratification and the other two voted for it. Having said that, though, the other two [Jordan and Banks] made statements and took actions that just made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth.”

Pelosi added, “When statements are ridiculous and fall into the realm of, ‘You must be kidding,’ there’s no way that they’re going to be on the committee.”

“I’m not talking about him,” Pelosi said of McCarthy on Thursday, “Let’s not waste each other’s time.”

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